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  1. Lizzieloubee

    Cancer Research Trail

    In a continuing tradition of "Guiders on trails" here's another one! http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/support-us/donate/francis-crick-institute/DNA-trail I've just realized this is on and it closes on the 6th, so it would be next Saturday (29th Aug) if anyone is interested. Usual plan is...
  2. Lizzieloubee

    What's in a name?

    Anyone have any punning names for a performance and media zone at a Jamboree? Hit me with them! So far I have: Curtain Up, All the World's a Stage, In (or out) the Limelight, Take a Bow, Centre Stage, Exit Stage Left, Take the Stage, Treading the Boards, Tragedy Tomorrow...
  3. Lizzieloubee

    Guide Camp in a Day

    I'm organising a Guide Camp in a Day for Guides and older Brownies. The plan is to pitch tents, cook dinner on fires, sweetie bedding rolls and some kind of traditional craft. Any ideas for the craft? Also, I'm giving them a Kit List, is it missing anything? Am I right in saying no...
  4. Lizzieloubee

    Square shirts that look...

    Square! I got given a size 10 leader shirt (new style) for Japan jamboree uniform. It's very square and doesn't fit at all. Who, at a size 10, is as wide as they are long?! The bust darts are nowhere close to my bust! Is this how they all fit? I will try and get an 8, but if I'm going to...
  5. Lizzieloubee

    Performing activities

    I have taken on the role of Team Leader (gulp) of the Performing Zone at Essex Jamboree. I'm starting to look at what activities we might offer. If you/your Guides have done any Jamborees that have had performance zones, could you tell me what they had, and what was enjoyed/not enjoyed. Or...
  6. Lizzieloubee

    Set list for Brownies singing in public

    My Brownie pack are singing in a local shopping centre. I'm trying to come up with a set list for them. I'd like a mixture of Guiding and non Guiding songs, Guiding ones to be nice and not silly. So far, I have Tzena When I grow up - Matilda Castle on a cloud - Les Mis Any good...
  7. Lizzieloubee

    General Brownie help!

    I have three questions for you: 1) My degree finishes in August so after that I have no idea where I will be living. If I got a job over the summer, it would mean next week is my last night at Brownies. If I don't, then I would be around for the first few meetings in Sept. Do I tell the girls...
  8. Lizzieloubee

    Telling parents about helper?

    I'm taking my Brownies out next week, to the fire station for our normal meeting time/night. Everything is done, but suddenly no other Guider can come with me for various reasons. A friend from uni is coming, so we are covered ratio-wise. Should I e-mail parents to let them know someone else...
  9. Lizzieloubee

    Not allowed to promote my unit????

    I've been told I'm not allowed to promote my own unit specifically. I can give out general postcards and other stuff, but they must be for Girlguiding generally, not my (struggling for girls) unit by giving our e-mail address or phone no. I sthis true? Manual link would be great if possible!
  10. Lizzieloubee

    Recruitment leaflet

    We are in desperate need of more girls in our unit. I've e-mailed local schools and had luck. Next plan is leaflets through letterboxes. How do I make us sound fun and exciting, rather than desperate? So far, text reads: Are you: A girl Aged 7-10 Looking for fun, friends and adventures...
  11. Lizzieloubee

    Mini-revue type show

    So, I have a slightly crazy idea to put on a mini-revue/showcase/mini-Gang Show type thing (yes, that will be on the posters!!). Profits would go towards WSJ fundraising. I'd like to involve all sections from the division. It would have a mixture of songs, dances and possibly short scenes or...
  12. Lizzieloubee

    Car Wash confusion!

    Am I, and I do mean me, a responsible adult, by myself, allowed to wash cars of friends/family/people I know rather than advertising to the general public for WSJ fundraising? Manual says "An activity where Girlguiding members wash vehicles, often in return for payment". I'm a member, but...
  13. Lizzieloubee

    Cake sale help!!

    I'm holding a cake sale for fundraising. This is what I've got so far, what else might be good? Flapjack Mars bar cake Chocolate chip cookie Banana bread Cheap is good, and able to be made well in advance or frozen is even better!
  14. Lizzieloubee

    Badge in an Evening

    I'm off to Japan to Jamboree next year. In order to raise funds, I am offering to run a "Badge in an Evening" session with Brownie units. I live in Canterbury, but can travel within reason. The badge I would run would be the Dancer badge. I've been dancing since I was tiny, doing ballet, tap...
  15. Lizzieloubee

    Fundraising Event!

    As a lot of you know, I'm lucky enough to be off to Japan for Jamboree. I'm holding a Pampered Chef party on 22nd March, so if you are in the Aylesbury, Bucks area, and fancy a demo of lovely products and tasty recipes then message me for details. It would be great to see you :)
  16. Lizzieloubee

    Trip costing

    Me again! Taking the Brownies to London. Their costs will be £9.40 per child. Leaders will be £31.50 + dinner per leader If we divide the costs of the leaders by the girls, it all than doubles their costs. If only 10 girls out of our 15 go it will be £20.20 per girl. Is this too much...
  17. Lizzieloubee

    Date Poll

    Sorry for all the threads, I got a bit excited and jumped in before thinking! Here's a Date Poll for G2G. We need 20 people to go or it will not happen.
  18. Lizzieloubee

    Date Change 11th-13th April

    Ok, so it appears that the weekend we'd chosen doesn't work for a lot of you. If the weekend of 11-13th April would be better, and you'd like to come, please comment below or e-mail G2Gtipi@gmail.com. See the previous post in the section for all the details. Lizzieloubee and CrazyCrayon
  19. Lizzieloubee

    G2G Tipi

    It’s G2G time!! If you’ve no idea what a G2G is, fear not! It’s basically Pack Holiday/Guide Camp for grown ups. Members of the forum get together for activities, crafts, badges, chatting and FUN!! We (myself and Crazycrayon) will be organising a G2G here...
  20. Lizzieloubee

    Tented Villages

    Do we need a camp license or a pack hol license to take Brownies to a tented village? Can't find the page in the mamual!