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    Spark - Sunday 21st February

    One of my Senior Section members has had to drop out and I wondered if anyone might be interested in purchasing her ticket. It was an early bird ticket so it cost £15.00.
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    Senior Section Spectacular

    Does anyone know what the format is for The Senior Section Spectacular at Alexandra Palace is? We want to book accommodation and do not know whether to make a weekend or overnight stay. Any information will be much appreciated !!!!!
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    Taking Senior Section members to London

    My five Rangers would like to go to London for a weekend. They want to stay in a Travelodge and they want to visit the Science Museum , Tate Modern and the market at Convent Garden. Problem 1 leader definitely would be with them on the journey, the 2nd a leader in training would meet them in...
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    Where to stay in London?

    I have 5 members in my Senior Section unit and they would like to have a weekend in London so that they can visit The Science Museum, Covent Garden and The Tate Modern where would you suggest we stayed?
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    The Five Zones

    How do you introduce the five zones to guides at the start of their guide journey and not wait until they do their Baden Powell Award when they have to do an activity from each of the zones and then 5 more activities from any of them?
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    Inviting MP to Guide Meeting

    I would welcome your thoughts on inviting a Member of Parliament to a Guide Meeting. Thanks
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    PGL Osmington Bay

    I have booked for my guides to go on an uniformed weekend, what do I expect? any advice ? do I need to anything extra? Thanks
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    Advice please !!!

    My Div Com has just informed me that the village, where I run guides is to have a scout group from after half term and they will be allowing girls to join, has anyone else had experience of this and what do I have to expect? Thanks for your help.
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    Queen's Guide Award

    I have a Young Guider who registered to do Queen's Guide but found work for her A level's too much so she gave up. She now feels able to have another go,is she allowed to restart after a 3 year break? She is in her final year at university, living at home and working with Rainbows and Brownies...
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    A gift from Somerset

    Help please!!! I have been asked to do a residential training and in the goodie bag I would like to include a gift that represents Somerset. Funds are limited. Ideas please.
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    Patrol Camp Permit Badge 1970

    I am in the process of transfering my guide badges on to a new camp blanket and I have noticed I am missing a Patrol Camp Permit Badge from the 60's/70's. Does anyone have one I could purchase? Thank you
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    Big Gig

    :thumbsdown:We didn't manage to get any tickets for either performance. We now have to return 255 cheques to very disappointed guides and senior section members.
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    Have you received your copy yet? Please spend a few minutes filling in the Training Questionnaire, we need to know what you want from Adult Support 2011 -2012? If you can't be bothered to complete the form and send it in, there is little point complaining about what is on offer, when it is and...
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    Works Blank Jigsaw Puzzles

    I am looking for suggestions on how to use these with Guides and Senior Section members? Does anyone have any games they have done with their girls? Your suggestions will be much appreciated.
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    Clash of Dates

    :mad:At last we know the Big Gig date Saturday 1st October but that is the final for Somerset's Got Talent Competition, how do you expect 10-14 years to choose between them?. I know life is about choices but this is an incredibly difficult especially as there was no Big Gig last year. My...
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    1 in 100 Awards

    It is really great to see young people gaining these awards. Well done to Ebony Court for all her work for the Bath and West Show and the Guide Getaway Camp. Also to Alex Johnson and Stacey Colman for their commitment to the Guide Getaway Camp and the Cathedral Celebration Committee. It was my...
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    Guiding 50p

    Has anyone in Somerset managed to find a Guiding 50p in their change yet?
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    Centenary Necker

    Are you still allowed to wear the centenary necker? I know you can't wear the pick shirt but my guides have become rather attached to their neckers.
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    County Centenary Charity

    Well done, on Saturday evening at the final Bright Sparks performance of "It's a Small World", a cheque for £5031 was handed over to Phil from the Send a Cow charity.This money will be used in Africa to help families learn to grow crops, look after livestock and sell their produce to make a...
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    Bank Account

    I have been asked by my county to organise the Centenary Camp for Guides. I want to have a separate bank account as it is a one off special event, but I have been told I can't have one and all bills must be sent to the County Treasurer for payment.Surely this isn't good practise as the camp...