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  1. CampBeanz

    Kings cross to Pax Lodge

    Hiya, Does anybody know how far (by public transport) it is from Kings Cross Station to Pax Lodge. Looking at staying there for a trip but it would be evening by the time we got to London so obviously we don't want to be travelling to the other side of London if it's really far away. Also if...
  2. CampBeanz

    Pirate songs

    Hi all, I am looking for some pirate themed songs suitable for Brownies. Does anybody know of any please? Please could you also post the lyrics? Thanks in advance!
  3. CampBeanz

    Octant activities

    Hi, Looking for a few ideas please. We are having a night in a few weeks at Rangers based around look wider to show what it is and get people into doing it a bit as we have lots of new SS come to join us all of a sudden. I am looking for some short activities which could be done in the...
  4. CampBeanz

    Paying money in?

    Hi! quick question, do you have to be one of the signatories to pay money into a unit bank account? Thanks
  5. CampBeanz

    Award for a guider?

    Hi, Just a quick query. Me and another guider were talking today and we were wondering if there is any kind of award which a guider (still SS age but one also a rainbow leader other a guide leader) can give to another adult leader within Guiding to thank her for everything she has done. She...
  6. CampBeanz

    Waiting list question

    Hi all, I am beginning to get a waiting list for my Brownie unit. I have the girls details on paper at the moment as they are friends of current brownies. Do you have to have all the required details on Join us for you to put them onto the waiting list or is there another way which you can put...
  7. CampBeanz

    Wellies and wristbands

    I am thinking about volunteering at waddow wellies and wristbands this year but I have a few questions about it as I have never been before. Does anybody know who I should email to ask or if I should just email the email address which you send the application forms to? Thanks
  8. CampBeanz

    Thank you gift

    Hi all, I am just looking for some ideas please. I am joining up with my friends unit for a brownie pack holiday soon. I want to get them a 'thank you for inviting us/letting us join you' gift but I don't know what to get them. Do I get something useful for their unit or all of their leaders...
  9. CampBeanz


    I am looking to buy some aprons for my brownies to use when doing activities like painting and for pack holiday too. Can anybody suggest where I can buy some brownie sized aprons in bulk please? Thanks
  10. CampBeanz

    SEN camp

    Hi all, just looking for your ideas on this one... In the SS unit at the moment we appear to have about a 50/50 ratio of girls with and without some kind of special educational needs. Were thinking of running a camp for the weekend especially for them (others can come too if they wish) to...
  11. CampBeanz

    BBB hoodies

    I ordered a hoody about 5 weeks ago and it has still not arrived :( Anybody know when they are meant to be back in stock? Thanks
  12. CampBeanz

    Census- how long?

    This is the first year I have paid census for my own unit. Sent it off Thursday. How long does it take for them to update the Go! invoice from not paid to paid pending? (something like that anyway!) Just wondering... Thanks CB x
  13. CampBeanz

    First response

    Hi, I have a DofE volunteer who is soon to finish but is going to carry on at brownies as my unit helper. Can she do the first response training? Thanks
  14. CampBeanz

    Joint pack holiday?

    Hi all, has anybody done a joint pack holiday with another unit before? The leader of another unit (who I am very close friends with) has asked me if I fancy joining up with them for pack holiday this year. I am yet to give an answer so I am looking for a bit of advice. I have been away with...
  15. CampBeanz

    Do you claim for ink?

    A few days back before we broke up, I was speaking to another guider who said she has claimed for ink for printing of guiding stuff. I have never thought of doing that but thinking about it, I print loads for guiding and claim nothing. Do you claim for ink? if so how much would you say is an...
  16. CampBeanz


    Hi all, Happy new year! First question of the new year for you all, i'm not sure if its just me being stupid or what lol. In brownies we have our mascot she is quite life size and as another part of her uniform for Christmas Santa bought her a sash. I have just got it out and put it on...
  17. CampBeanz

    Merry Christmas to you all!

    While there is still time, I would just like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope Santa brings you all which you wished for- don't forget to leave him and Rudolph a treat out tonight! Heres to 2014 bringing us lots more happy guiding memories...
  18. CampBeanz

    Anyone speak German?

    Hi, Does anybody know how to say 'Merry Christmas and a happy new year' in German please? Need to write it in a card :) Thanks!
  19. CampBeanz

    Lone Guide- Brownie helper?

    Hi, In need of some advice please. I have an ex brownie who is now 11 years old but very advanced for her age and mature. Her younger sister age 8 is still a brownie. She left in July but can't go to guides, she has a brother with severe special needs and as guides finishes at 9pm it is too...
  20. CampBeanz

    Brownie promise ceremony

    A week tomorrow I am going to be enrolling my first ever bunch of brownies (past leader hasn't bothered doing it for ages from what I can gather) and there is about 15 of them to do at once, there is a few who have already made it so they will be renewing it with the new wording- I can't wait...