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  1. nutty_angel

    Ranger and Guide Camp in Blacklands - any takers this year?

    Hi Once again I'm running a camp for my Rangers, and my guides this year too! I've got a nice ammount of Guides, but was wondering if any other Rangers would like to come along too. I've got 3 Rangers (possible fourth) attending and I'm willing to take up to 8 more! Its in Blackland Farm -...
  2. nutty_angel

    Help Stall at a openday - short notice

    Hi My unit has been asked if we'd like a stall at my work's openday. I've already said yes but now I have no idea what to do! It's only in 2weeks so really short notice. I've got some Guides and Rangers to run it. Oh and the Scouts have a stall too. They are gonna have some kayaks and canoes...
  3. nutty_angel

    Ranger Camp in Blacklands - anyone wanna come?

    Hi, I'm running a Ranger Camp in Blacklands this summer, and wondered if any other Rangers (or Leaders) would like to come too. We're only a small group so there's only 4 Rangers, myself and my mum (a Guide leader). Its going to be my licence camp so it should be fun! My Rangers asked me to...
  4. nutty_angel

    Kent Interational Jamboree 2017

    Hi My 4 Rangers want to the KIJ 2017 in the summer, and well I don't really know much about it, so I was hoping you lovely people can tell me your experiences of big camps. I've taken 2 of these rangers camping last summer but that was just a little one, the other's haven't camped with me at...
  5. nutty_angel

    poster design bits

    hi, I'm trying to make a poster to advertise my Ranger's Quiz night (its the only bit I'm doing for them), and I've read through all the branding stuff so I don't fall foul of that. It says I can use the 'Speech bubble' shape thingy and the outlines but I can't find them anywhere to use them...
  6. nutty_angel

    how do I ask for Raffle Prizes

    Hi, just wondering if anyone had any letter/email that they've used to ask companies or shops for raffle prizes. My Rangers are holding a quiz night and would like to do a raffle as well, but we don't really know how to start asking. Any help would be great, me and the Rangers are really...
  7. nutty_angel

    Queen's Guide Award - Leader help

    Hi, I've just re-opened my ranger unit after a year off, and one of my Rangers would like to do the Queen's Guide. I had a chat with her before half term where we went though it all, and she would like me to be her mentor. The only trouble is I have no clue what to do next. I never...
  8. nutty_angel

    going up to Rangers traditions?

    Hi I'm just re-opening a ranger unit in my area (I tried last year, but it didn't go so well). This time I've got some of my Guides that are going up and I was wondering if any one has any traditions for going up. I know Brownies have the fly up - which in my unit is jumping over the...
  9. nutty_angel

    Freda the Elephant

    Hi Does anyone know when Freda became part of Guiding? Organising a late BBB day for the district, and really wanted to have her in there somewhere! I know she was around when I was a Brownies (1995) but can't remember if she was around before that. Thanks!
  10. nutty_angel

    Tuck Shop sweets

    Hi, I was hoping to do a tuck for our event in Sept, but any sweets I find cost far to much. I know some of you do tucks with your units and I was wondering where you got your sweets from? Thanks xx
  11. nutty_angel

    hunger games wide game - help!!

    Hi, My guides have asked for a hunger games theme for this year's holiday. I've decided for the wide game they will complete an activity for each district to gain somthing they will take to the Capitol, but am stuck on a couple of them. Here's what I've got so far. D1 – make Ice...
  12. nutty_angel

    Question? Risk Assessment for Chessington

    Hi, We're planning a joint trip for the Rangers and Guides to Chessington soon, and I noticed it said on the Chessington website, that we get a free risk assessment. When we phoned and booked the tickets they told us that we had been given 2 free tickets to go before the trip to do our own...
  13. nutty_angel

    Opened a new Ranger Unit!!

    Sorry just doing a little dance as the unit I've been trying to get up and running for a year is now registered!! The girls who are gonna be rangers have already picked out what uniform they want and that they want to start the commonwealth award! I'm very very excited...
  14. nutty_angel

    need a help giving myself a name!

    Hi I'm stumped on giving myself a Name for this year's Holiday! Please Help. Our theme is Pirates, Princesses and Ninjas (the guides came up with it!) and I'm the main guider on the holiday. I'm also apperntly a Princess (again by order of the Guides!). But I can't think what to name...
  15. nutty_angel

    Help, I think I've volenteered myself for being DC!! :)

    Hi, ok a bit of explanation. Our DCs have now finished their term, and I managed to volunteer myself at our District meeting on Thursday. During the meeting we were discussing what a DC does and I was nodding along, going I could do that to most of it, and it seems to have turned into I will...
  16. nutty_angel

    Santa bug

    hi, I was hoping someone knows how to make a santa bug, I've managed to loose the copy of the guiding mag that it was in after the guides decided they wanted to do it! Thankyou for any help!
  17. nutty_angel

    armpit fudge question

    hi, I want to make armpit fudge with the guides but have got one that can't have milk, I've been told by her mum that she can use vit-a-lite instead of butter which is fine. My problem is I lost my recipe :( and every one I've found online has cream cheese in it, so I was wondering if the...
  18. nutty_angel

    Indoor licence!

    Hi I'm a bit bouncy because I PASSED!!! :crown::guitarist::nature-003::nature-008::D I got my little badge and certificate on Saturday but my GiC inisted on presenting it to me tonight with the guides! I can't believe its all done!!! YAY!! (although the guides have now asked me to do a...
  19. nutty_angel

    county badge curitosity

    hi, just a bit of curiosity, is it Kent weald or Kent east thats got the red invita county badge?? I know mine's blue (Kent West) and I've seen people with the red ones and never asked!! Also is there another colour as well that I haven't seen?? :confused: Sorry for the random questions :D x
  20. nutty_angel

    Help - Autum display?

    Hi I'm not sure what to do for an autum display on our notice board this year. We did a harvest one last year as a tree with apples and things they are thankfull for on the trunk. What other things can I do that represent autum? Thanks xx