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    Retro Guiding

    Hi to everybody. I have my 50th birthday next week, and being a 1966 baby, I thought we would have a meeting run as if we were in the 1960s, with company captain etc. The person I had lined up to do this has let me down, and I find that I am now planning and doing it myself. I can do most of it...
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    Movie Challenge

    I remember seeing somewhere a Senior Section Movie Challenge (about 2014, I think?) Does anyone know of this, or have a link or copy?
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    Meetings- how often

    I read with interest through the senior section forum, and have found that some meet weekly, and some fortnightly, so I was wondering whether fortnightly works better, so I thought a quick poll, of how often senior section or ranger units meet, and how much subs they pay for this. We currently...
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    Our leaders and adult helpers were having a discussion tonight about tattoos, and the question was never resolved, so I thought I would ask you lovely people out there to assist. Is there anything in the policies and rules regarding leaders and/or adult helpers having tattoos? Tonight we...
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    Mentoring ALQ

    Just a thought - I have been asked to help with one of our leaders in training, with the accounts and budgeting sections, and the GO section of the ALQ. I have been dealing with accounts for over 20 years, and am a unit key user with a couple of units, so this is not a problem for me. The leader...
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    YL Role within unit

    I have been getting a little concerned at how the role of young leader is understood by adult leaders, and wanted to know if I am getting stirrred up over nothing. I have been approached, as unit helper for a Senior Section unit, to ask my LiC if she could speak to the girls about anyone...
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    Urgent! Unit accounts spreadsheet

    Does anyone have a blank set of unit accounts downloaded that they can email to me? Have just lost all documents on my laptop, including accounts for three units that I maintain, and foolishly did not back up. I have just gone to the revamped GG website, and none of the download links work...
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    Shamefully open plug!

    Hi everyone, I thought I would post on here, after a great Xmas meal out with our Senior Section. The restaurant we went to had a singer/songwriter booked, who really made our night. I did some digging, and wanted to ask everyone here if they would mind taking a listen to her music, and...
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    Help and support

    Hi, I am after some support within the guiding world. One of our Senior Section girls (she is also doing hr LQ with guides) has been diagnosed with a rare condition called Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy, which basically mean that she is losing her central vision- she is only 20. A...
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    Opportunities night

    Hi, Everyone was so helpful on a previous question of mine, that I thought I would pick the collective brains again. We asked the guides what activities they wanted this term, and one of the popular answers was an opportunities night, where thy can learn what they can do, from Rainbow helper...
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    Question? Patrol Boxes

    We want to introduce patrol boxes, as currently all of the resources, materials etc are just stores in a cupboard. We have plenty of storage space for them, but I wondered what patrols store in theirs, so that I can get a good idea of what size to get. Any advice welcome
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    Ranger hoodie

    Long shot, but does anyone have a Jeff Banks Ranger hoodie, or one of the Guide dolls that were available until the last catalogue (you can still get Rainbow, Brownie and Senior Section dolls, but the guide one has run away?) Happy to pay for either Thanks,
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    Unit inventory

    Hi, I am in the middle of doing an inventory for our unit, of resources etc, as the one done by a previous guider is very out of date now, and there is a lot missing. I am finding it hard to place values on the older resources, that are no longer available, and wondered what others did -...