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  1. Foxi


    Does anyone have any current knowledge of Berlin and Scouting/Guiding? We have had a student from Berlin over for the past 3 months helping at our meetings (we are going to miss Dragonfly BIG time when she goes in July, she has been truly amazing) Dragonfly would now like to get involved in...
  2. Foxi

    New badge I hadn't heard about

    I saw something in a news article mentioned in passing so had a google & am amazed I hadn't heard obout it before but think it is a brilliant idea. I may not be alone so thought I would post about it Girlguides aim to tackle loneliness among older people
  3. Foxi

    Todays news

    Quite an inspiring Guiding story in the news today about Syria The world's least likely Girl Guides And another one about Scouts in Madagascar 'It's OK to make mayonnaise while on your period'
  4. Foxi

    Two old Guide badges needed

    Two of our Guides (together with their mum) have spent hours & hours over the past week volunteering on a community project where a painter & decorator has been overseeing them. The girls have sanded, primed, plastered, painted all manner of things, fixed items with screwdrivers and saws, helped...
  5. Foxi

    New Guide Programme

    Have I missed something? The Rainbow and Brownie packs were received by leaders on the 22nd & 23rd of July but as the main contact for our unit (Guides) I still haven't received anything? Has any other Guide Leader received anything? I feel left out:cool: and want to see what the others have seen.
  6. Foxi

    In the news

    Girlguiding is in the news today... Girlguiding overhauls badges to help girls 'thrive' - BBC News
  7. Foxi

    muder mystery help please

    One of our younger Guides aged 11 really wants to have a murder mystery night and is confident and happy to organise the evening herself with support. Has any one ever done this with their unit? if you have, have you any tips/hints/plots you could share that I could pass on to her? Many thanks Foxi
  8. Foxi

    Saw this...

    Thought this was lovely, can we come up with some things on here for Girlguiding?... Things I Did Because I Was a Boy Scout, an impressive list Some things that come to my mind are: Found a good friend half way round the world Learned to cope with the unexpected when leading a Guiding trip...
  9. Foxi

    Scavenger hunt with a difference for Guides

    I'm sure someone has done this many times before us but I put this together as a request by our Guides to do more Scavenger hunts and cooking. I have to say it was exceptionally well received by both the Guides and the community. Basically I dropped round ahead of time the already measured...
  10. Foxi

    Bobbin lace

    OK I know I am extremely off topic but is there anyone out there who does bobbin lace? I am coming to the end of a piece and have heard lace is hand sewn onto material with a "special stitch" I have tried googling but it keeps coming up with the usual cloth stitch, half stitch etc. What ever is...
  11. Foxi

    Transgender Girl Scouting

    Spotted this in the news today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-trending-33354190
  12. Foxi

    Fungi newspaper

    Just been sent this newspaper link by the RSPB youth worker friend of mine http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/11576501.Brownies_and_guides_embark_on_fungi_nature_trail/ it looked a great day out, did anyone on here go to it?
  13. Foxi


    I am normally very good and don't open chain mail etc however I received an email from a credible source headed IMPORTANT the email said that a photo was being shared with me on drop box. After opening it I couldn't find the photo. I have now been informed that it is an exceedingly nasty virus...
  14. Foxi

    dairymaid badge

    Don't know if any one can help. A friend and Rainbow Guider earned her Guide dairymaid however now she is making a camp blanket she has been unable to find the badge & would love to get a replacement as it was the badge she found hardest to earn. Is there any chance anyone has one of these? I...
  15. Foxi

    risk assessment

    I would be so grateful for some help. I am in the process of writing some risk assessments for some activities this term. I am really stuck on the "how to deal with the event of a death" is there anyone who is willing to email me a copy of any risk assessments that I can use for some inspiration?
  16. Foxi

    Old Guide hats

    I know this is highly unlikely but my friend who is the Commissioner in St Lucia is desperate for the old airline stewardess leaders type hats as they still use them as uniform. If any one can help we would be ever so grateful, we have someone who has agreed to take them out to them some time...
  17. Foxi

    apple pie

    Some time ago I found a simple recipe for camp apple pies. I have written on my menu list for next weekend to buy a tin apple pie filling and some refrigerated cookie dough but I cannot remember for the life of me how you cook it & so far I can't find it on Google either. I would really...
  18. Foxi

    Can anyone help please

    I don't know if this should be in a Middlesex thread or London one. Does anyone know of a unit that meets at St Johns in Hendon Middlesex. I have something they might like.
  19. Foxi

    Thinking day song help please

    I have been asked by a Guider in St Lucia for the music or an Mp3 version of the "Thinking Day Song written by Gill Clay". It starts: Scouts and Guides on Thinking Day ... Well I have searched google & contacted our County music adviser to no avail, can anyone help me even with the lyrics?
  20. Foxi

    Farmers field

    This is a really long shot, do any of you in Hampshire East know of any nice farmers/land owners with just a field & access to water that would consider having us? I am having real trouble finding anywhere, I have contacted the camp adviser for the area & the Roberts memorial Scout campsite was...