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    Additional Leave from work

    If anyone would like a copy of the email about the 3 days volunteering from the csl newsletter, pm me your email address and I can forward it
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    Simply: how much are your subs?

    £30 per term which includes census. Also a £12 enrolment fee which contributes towards a wide sash, adventure book, badge book & brownie bag
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    Wanted - Taj Mahal Guide Partol Badges

    I also have some if you're still interested?
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    Birthday Badges

    I use the birthday badges for those who's birthday falls on our meeting night and they come to brownies - some may say its not fair, but if they come to brownies on their birthday we like to make a fuss :-)
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    Family and Guiding

    Myself & AG were housemates when we first took over Brownies, so only I was a signatory on the bank account until a lot later and we'd moved out. Now myself and AG are both signatories, but another AG is AG's sister, so she isn't on the account aswell because they're related.
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    Big Gig 2014

    still waiting too
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    Waiting list query

    I have 42 girls on my brownie waiting to join list - but some are still little, and only 4 are 7+ at the moment, so it is all manageable, and they will all get a space. For any enquiries I get now (for girls already 7 or nearly 7) I do advise at least a 12mnth wait, and always offer our 2...
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    Anyone need help at a residential in the summer?

    if she was here in May I'd jump at the chance (based in Swansea also) - nothing planned for the summer this year though sorry, when will she be in the UK until?
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    Gift Aid new registration with HMRC

    excellent! I've done it by post before, need to register online for this year
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    100th birthday badge!

    I'd be interested - both for my brownies and also myself - my nan is 100 in May, so if they'd be ready before then would def be interested
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    Question? BP Adventures 2014

    I've pm'd you!
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    yes, def been a long week!
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    Film / moving make night

    if u have an ipad we just used video star (free) with my brownies
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    adventure 100

    I have a pile of spare badges too if youre interested!
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    Secret Santa 2012 and Badges

    I had to pay to receive aswell (and I didn't send mine like that either) - ditto to the above though^^^
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    Secret Santa 2012 and Badges

    I've received my refund :)
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    Calling all Guiders Can anyone Help?

    i have some old brownie emblems, and brownie and guide badges - let us know what is needed please
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    Healthy Lunch/Tea ideas please:)

    I'm not a salad fan, but this week i've taken salad to work twice, and pasta salad - cucumber chunks grated carrot sweetcorn (with either lettuce or pasta) satsuma segments some tuna and some fat free honey & mustard dressing - was actually really nice!