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  1. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: Is there a future for cloth badges

    oh I didn't know that other leaders had activley campaigned for metal badges, I always thought the cloth ones were better, I must be in the minority. oh well. I think it might come down to being the same across the board, I can understand 'special' badges being metal, but to be taking...
  2. nutty_angel

    Meeting Ideas

    we have lots of stuff but last term I was trying to get a bit of 'life skills' in so did some sewing (made wheatbags) with sewing machine - they loved this as apperntly they don't learn that in school anymore - and some car maintance - oil check, changing a tire etc - on my car. I gave them a...
  3. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: Is there a future for cloth badges

    I've had parents lose the metal promise badges in the wash and ask if there is a cloth version as they just chuck the rainbow's uniform in the wash when they get home and they forgot to take the badge off. So I think cloth badges are more practical especially on their uniforms.
  4. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: Call me.....

    I have/had a few names! At Brownies I was a Finch as I was a YL and the Leaders were owls. I have Cloudy at Rainbows - all the leaders were weather (my mum is Rainy and my Auntie is Sunny - the rainbows said I had to be Cloudy cos Clouds and Rain comes together) at my first unit and when I moved...
  5. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: It's time to fly over the rainbow....

    We've just started a tradition in my unit, where we made a 'rainbow' (its just the red, blue and yellow like the swoosh) with a flower from each rainbow on a wallpaper roll, and the Brownies made a forest on their side, so the rainbow walks with me 'over the rainbow' to where the forest begins...
  6. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: Would you confiscate?

    I've never had to confiscate any thing so far but at the begining of the holiday I have them all hand in their phones, midnight feast sweets (which is always way too much no matter how many times we tell them), purses etc. mainly so we can make sure they are stored safely and locked away if...
  7. nutty_angel

    Ranger and Guide Camp in Blacklands - any takers this year?

    Hi Once again I'm running a camp for my Rangers, and my guides this year too! I've got a nice ammount of Guides, but was wondering if any other Rangers would like to come along too. I've got 3 Rangers (possible fourth) attending and I'm willing to take up to 8 more! Its in Blackland Farm -...
  8. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: Do all residentials need a theme?

    I find that a theme helps me think of ideas for my wide game otherwize I find the options too wide open! I also agree with Trinny it definatly helps my lot remeber each camp as they don't discuss them by year, they discuss by theme! With decorations I tend not to do much, I just re-do the...
  9. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion: Mobile phones at residentials

    with both Guides and TSS I allow them to bring their phones (but it is stressed that it is at their own risk) and I collect them in. I let them have one phone (whichever I get from the box first normally) to go with each group as they go exploring - they have all have mine and the other leaders...
  10. nutty_angel

    Quiet, Sitting Down Games

    with the guides if I need them to calm down a bit (too much excitment!) I get them to sit in a circle with their backs facing inwards, then they have to count to ten - the catch is that only one guide can say a number at anytime and you can't follow the person either side of you. If two or more...
  11. nutty_angel

    Weekly Discussion XXI: Handbooks

    I had the 00s version of the Guide Handbook and with the amount of pratical skils in it (i.e. wiring a plug, finding and fixing a puncture, etc) I took it to uni with me. It helped me alot and I even had to photocopy pages for my friends (so they wouldn't nick my book). I think having it...
  12. nutty_angel

    Scavenger hunt with a difference for Guides

    oo I like that one too - although I may use it at Rangers instead!
  13. nutty_angel

    Scavenger hunt with a difference for Guides

    Thank you for posting these - I'm gonna steal them for my Guides - they've asked for more adventure and more cooking too!!
  14. nutty_angel

    Question? Best Thank Yous...?

    when my guides and rangers presented me at the end of a holiday with a lavender candle and some goodies from the blackland farm shop that they had brought with their prize for winning the wide game! Totally unexpected and amazingly thoughtful , no-one but them knew they had done it and I love...
  15. nutty_angel

    Discussion XI: How to Guide (and Scout) alongside family members

    I find it can be really intimadating to realise that I have to tell my mum what to do, especially on camps and holidays as I have my licence and she doesn't! It takes alot to break the habit of turning straight to her for advice or to hope she'll tell me what to do. I try to talk to the other...
  16. nutty_angel

    First discussion: Leader v Guider

    I like the term Guider I think it makes us different to other youth groups who have leaders. Also as other's have said I like that I help guide the girls rather than lead them. We tend to use it in my units, mainly because thats what the girls and parents use and trying to get them to change...
  17. nutty_angel

    Help Stall at a openday - short notice

    Hi My unit has been asked if we'd like a stall at my work's openday. I've already said yes but now I have no idea what to do! It's only in 2weeks so really short notice. I've got some Guides and Rangers to run it. Oh and the Scouts have a stall too. They are gonna have some kayaks and canoes...
  18. nutty_angel

    Ranger Camp in Blacklands - anyone wanna come?

    thank you for replying. oh well never mind, maybe next year! xx
  19. nutty_angel

    Ranger Camp in Blacklands - anyone wanna come?

    Hi, I'm running a Ranger Camp in Blacklands this summer, and wondered if any other Rangers (or Leaders) would like to come too. We're only a small group so there's only 4 Rangers, myself and my mum (a Guide leader). Its going to be my licence camp so it should be fun! My Rangers asked me to...
  20. nutty_angel

    Kent Interational Jamboree 2017

    thank you for your help! The girls have now decided they'd rather me run a small camp for them and maybe do Wellies and Wristbands instead!