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  1. morris minor

    Why is it my daughter?

    The biggest problem I found is that your own daughter knows which buttons to push to get Mum really cross:) and may have been starting on the way to the meeting! Definitely no 'Mum' at meetings (same applies when we have other parents helping)
  2. morris minor

    Risk Assessment for Brownie Pack Holiday

    Your risk assessment may only need updating rather than re-writing or starting again. EG: new activities planned and the risks attached to those. Additional needs of members. Change in usage of the accommodation (not sole user/building change) Risk assessment is one of the documents that must be...
  3. morris minor

    Getting your equipment to camp ??

    How long is a piece of string?:) It depends how many people are going and how far you are traveling from where you store your equipment to your campsite. We have divided the equipment between parents to transport in their cars. (It has to be made clear at the parents meeting that this is the...
  4. morris minor

    Weekly Discussion: It is better to do good than be good.....a campaign to end campaigns

    If we don't know much/anything/enough about a topic that is deemed to be one we should campaign about, we are not going to make an impact. My heart sinks every time I read an activity that contains the word 'discuss'. I am a Brownie Leader and mostly they want to 'do' not 'talk'. I am old enough...
  5. morris minor

    Identifying old Guide proficiency badge with a ship

    I gained my Traveller badge in 1974 and it was still in the large size that had existed previously, so presumably it was one that wasn't issued in large numbers (or at least in our area)
  6. morris minor

    REN Forms

    I know it is changing but I can only see the 2014 REN form when I look on HQ website.
  7. morris minor

    Suggestion - should we drop having uniforms?

    I like the ease with which we can spot our members when we are out. For myself, I like the fact that I don't have to worry about 'what do I wear?' it will be uniform in one form or another depending on weather and activity.
  8. morris minor

    Weekly Discussion: Keeping up with the Flossies

    RE:barefoot walk. We did this a while back using disposable roasting dishes (the foil kind) filling them with things like cornflakes (cheapest possible), oats, flour etc The one that generated the greatest reaction was the jelly (chopped up in the dish). One of the Brownies put her finger in it...
  9. morris minor

    Outing ideas?

    I am not familiar with your area so can only make general suggestions. A meal together at a restaurant/venue that suits all. (dietary requirements allowing) A theatre trip. Ice skating if you have a rink nearby. Climbing wall Trampolining. Hope that has started the ball rolling :)
  10. morris minor

    Weekly Discussions: Curious

    Like others have mentioned, I read but don't always contribute depending whether I have something additional to points already raised. Sometimes it is good to have something that makes you stop and think about what you do or why you do it that way. Thank you for initiating and managing these...
  11. morris minor

    Weekly Discussion: Promise ceremonies

    When our Brownies are ready to make their Promise, they choose a theme for the evening and our activities and games will be linked to that. (it can be interesting sometimes but a bit of lateral thinking and we get there:)) We don't have more than 2 at a meeting making their Promise because it...
  12. morris minor

    Help! Badge identification

    I have never encountered a UK brass cut out badge. (I had the chrome/silver cut out too) I know that New Zealand had the solid badge in gold at the same time as we had the silver solid promise badge. There may be others who will know better or different.
  13. morris minor

    Help! Badge identification

    This badge is quite old! It is the Environmental Challenge '92' which was run by South West England. It was produced back in the rimes of ancient history when resources were produced on card and laminated:)
  14. morris minor

    Returning after a loooooong break!

    Welcome back:)
  15. morris minor

    Long bus journey

    We have had 'wipe clean' games (hangman, close the box, mazes etc). We also gave the girls a 'goody bag' which contained a notebook, pen, cootie catcher/thing-a-ma-jig, and a length of string tied to make a cat's cradle. (we bought the notebooks and pens at poundland and it was amazing how many...
  16. morris minor

    Old Style Interest Badges for sale Brownies and Guides

    Spiders web wasn't Thrift, it was Craft. (thrift was either a Bee(GG) or a piggy bank(BG) depending on when the badge was issued)
  17. morris minor

    Mission Spectacular Badges for sale

    Could I have 1 of each badge please? ( 1 Mission Spectacular, 1 Girlguiding Scotland Senior Section Spectacular, 1triangular 1916 and 1 triangular 2016) Please pm payment details. Thank you
  18. morris minor

    Does anyone listen to The Archers?

    I do. It most certainly was explosive! But what will happen next? We have to wait until tonight/tomorrow/omnibus to find out whether he is or he isn't........
  19. morris minor

    Information: Carol Singing Badge

    Our badges arrived yesterday and they look lovely :) I am sure the Brownies will love them. Thank you
  20. morris minor

    Information: Carol Singing Badge

    Could we have 26 please? (thank you again for organising these:) )