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  1. SnowyOwl Sam

    Question? the Roundabouts

    I'm in the same position. New to Rainbows ( am a Brownie Leader too). It's taken me a year to get to grips with it (we only meet monthly and I had a baby shortly after starting unit). We ran a few activities each meeting based on different themes but this term I am going to try the Get Healthy...
  2. SnowyOwl Sam

    Anyone running First Aid courses?

    ...ah but these would only be the standard one day for leaders. Sorry, not much help!
  3. SnowyOwl Sam

    Anyone running First Aid courses?

    Hi, I think Dunstable division are looking at First Aid courses for April...
  4. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'm a guider who is now a mentor too. So much for not taking on much when on maternity leave!
  5. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'm a guider that did take on the brownie unit (I couldn't let it close) and is now mentoring 3 new leaders as well as trying to get her module 1 for rainbows signed off. All while getting to grips with a 7month old, another new volunteer position with NCT and a few other bits.
  6. SnowyOwl Sam

    Expense forms

    Hi, I used to use a basic excel template with invoice ref number, date, where from, description of items purchased (craft materials, groceries etc) and value. Then a total at the bottom of the page.
  7. SnowyOwl Sam

    Question? Guiding magazine mailing address

    Hi, it is and will update (it did when I moved.) If you're not sure, give CHQ a call.
  8. SnowyOwl Sam

    Guidance notes for leaders?

    See if your county/division are doing any section trainings. They help. I was I the same boat as you. I spent 7 years involved with/running a Brownie unit then moved house and got talked into opening anew rainbow unit. We have section trainings early next year and I'm very much looking forward...
  9. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    Oh damn my pic didn't post and won't upload!
  10. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'm a guider who has been absent lately but for good reason. I'm a Guider still trying to get to grips with a new Rainbow unit. I'm a guider who is seriously considering joining a Brownie unit in the next village over so that it won't shut! We're so short of leaders round here and it's such a...
  11. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'd love to know how this went / how to do it. I'm struggling to come up with ideas to entertain my new Rainbow unit for 2.5 hour meeting once a month1 Being a new mum and it being an age range I've not had much experience in, I'm struggling with ideas.
  12. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'm a Guider trying to figure out how to do Rainbows with a 10 week old baby! Start back next week, a 2.5hr meeting once a month still seems a but too much but hopefully my DC has some more help for me!
  13. SnowyOwl Sam

    Sleepover at leader's house?

    It's not just about being approved but insured also. Your landlord will not be covered on a public liability front for 20 brownies or have appropriate damage cover. You will not have public liability insurance for this. What about your tenancy agreement as you run the risk of potentially...
  14. SnowyOwl Sam

    A bit of life advice

    What about a local animal shelter and volunteering to play/stroke/look after the pets? Sounds odd but lot of research in stroking a pet can reduce anxiety. The pets benefit too. Walking is also a good idea. I was listening to Clare Balding talk about a therapist who set up a group walk / talk...
  15. SnowyOwl Sam

    Urgent! Recruiting adults/DC reply

    It may be worth starting a patent rota just in case. Send it out and advise if you don't get the help the meetings will not run. Have you tried contacting YL/senior section to see of you can get an extra pair of hands that way?
  16. SnowyOwl Sam

    Join Us hindering Growing Guiding?

    I didn't know that! I've ben exporting both Go and Join Us lists to Excel and ccreatingmy own report that way when I was running Brownies!
  17. SnowyOwl Sam

    Join Us hindering Growing Guiding?

    Sorry, I disagree! I've just used JoinUs to transfer areas. I could see all the units local to my area. The Div Comm contacted me thrilled I had a membership number as they are desperate for volunteers. We spoke and I'm actually opening a new Rainbow unit as there are 40+girls on Rainbow waiting...
  18. SnowyOwl Sam

    Join Us *exasperated shriek*

    I always try to use the comments as much as I can it's really helpful I referring on or having a girl referred to you as you can get as much info as you can without having to go through it all again with parent. I'd love a comments tab on the Go waiting to transfer list!
  19. SnowyOwl Sam

    Question? Qualified Leader - New to Area

    Hi, I'd recommend going through Join us too and adding you membership no. If you get anything like the response I hot, you'll have you hand bitten off! It gets to the right people who need jt (Div Comm/Dist Comm). You can also then see the units in your area too. Good Luck!
  20. SnowyOwl Sam

    I'm a Guider... Part 59

    I'm a slightly stressed Guider. We start moving house (all the big furniture and everything out of the garage) this weekend. New house still doesn't have a kitchen, decorating still to be done including painting, tiling both floor and walls... In the meantime, I'm frantically trying to fill...