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    What to do with 3.5 inch floppy discs

    Please does anyone know how to dispose of these? I'm having a clear out and have found a stack in the back of a cupboard. Some are marked as back ups although they must be 20 years out of date!. Is it possible to recycle them and if so how? I haven't had a computer that would read them for...
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    What to wear for the heat

    I am going with the Brownies to the Fairford Air Tattoo on Friday and everyone has been asked to wear uniform Fair enough, but I usually wear navy trousers with a uniform shirt and I think I am going to roast. The shirt is fine but what do folk reckon is acceptable 'bottoms' with adult uniform...
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    Brownies near Brize Norton.

    Please does anyone have contacts in this area? One of my Brownies has just moved there. They are a service family and are being posted over the Summer. Mum put in a request for a new place via Join us about 3 weeks ago but has just emailed me to say she hasn't heard anything. I have suggested to...
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    Clip art. Am I missing something?

    I've just downloaded the zip file with all the Brownie clip art from the Girlguiding website. All the file are named with just numbers. Am I supposed to click through the whole list until I stumble on the image I need or is there an easier way? I've always used the googledoc collection before...
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    Tracking, You, Community or World?

    Our Brownies have been enjoying following trails with the traditional tracking signs. They are finding it quite challenging and I feel it should count towards their Adventure badges, but which category? You, because it's a new skill, Community, because it is getting them out and about in the...
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    When is a 'looked after' child not a 'looked after child?

    A bit of background, please bear with me and I'll get to the point. My nephew and niece have recently adopted boy and girl siblings aged 5 and 6. When I was invited to the celebratory hearing, which is the last step in an adoption, I mentioned to the proud new parents that if they wanted their...
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    Updating girl's records

    At the end of last term I gave out copies of the GO records to each girl's parents for checking and updating. A couple have come back with comments in the 'additional information the unit may need to know' box. I can't seem to find where to add this info to GO. It may well be staring me in the...
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    How many vesions of the Promise have there bee?

    I thought with Thinking Day coming up it might be interesting for the girls to see how the Promise has changed over the years. These are the versions I know about. According to 'How girls can help to build up the Empire' the Promise then was; I promise on my honour to be loyal to God and the...
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    Possible D of E volunteer

    Hi Folk, I have had a young lady contact me direct by email to say she is doing D of E and would like to volunteer with Brownies.I have not met or talked to her yet so do not know if she has been in Guiding before. Not quite sure how to proceed. Do I ask her to put herself on "Joinus" or does...
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    names of the animal sixes

    I may be going as batty as my name but is there a list of possible Six names in the girls adventure books because I can't seem to find it if there is? The Pack has grown enough that we are starting the year with an extra six and I wanted to give the girls the chance to choose a name for their...
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    Is this spam?

    The latest thread in the Brownie section about visas and identification looks like a spammer. How do I report them please?
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    Would it be OK to claim for getting to Brownies?

    A bit of background. Our Pack is rural and the last bus goes at 5.00pm too early to be useful and impossible for getting home after Brownies. Usually I drive to and from Brownies but I was in a car accident and am not yet fit enough to go back to driving. So far I have managed to get lifts from...
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    Bucksburn Rainbows/Brownies Aberdeen

    Please does anyone have contact with these units. I have a Brownie transferred from there and I cannot find her details on GO. Her name is Gabrielle M I don't want to put her full name on an open forum but if you can help please PM me Thank you.
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    Would anyone be interested in an unofficial postcard exchange?

    Since the "official" postcard exchange is not running this year I wondered if anyone was interested in doing a small scale one between folk on Guiders.co? Our Pack would be happy to send up to 10 postcards to the UK or abroad. Any takers:idea3:
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    So what does this count as?

    Next term the Brownies have been invited to visit our local golf course for a taster session. I still struggle a bit with how different activities fit into the Me , Community and World categories. So, please, does this count as a Me activity because they are learning new skills, or a Community...
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    Please what does this mean anyone?

    I've just been moving girls from waiting to join to meeting arranged on Joinus and I noticed one girl has a new comment on her record which I didn't put there. It says "Transferred Mother to Regional office" signed by someone I have never heard of. Can anyone please explain what is going on...
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    Brownie in search of an individual penfriend.

    One of my Brownies has asked me if I can help her find an overseas but English speaking penfriend. She is 9 years old, she likes animals and horse riding. She has shown herself to be a reliable Brownie and would, I think, write regular letters. Please can anyone help us? Thank you
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    An addition for Join us?

    Does anyone else think it would be helpful to parents if join us had details of which units are accepting new members and which are waiting list only? Locally we have 3 quite large units which have long waiting lists and several small units who would welcome new members. It surely ought to be...
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    Books for a 15 year old

    I have the pleasure of visiting the child I sponsor in Rwanda later this year. She is 15 and reads English fairly fluently.and enjoys reading so I'd like to take her at least one book. I love books and would take a library if I could but they wouldn't fit in my baggage allowance but I'm not...
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    I've "lost" a girl off my waiting list, help!

    As the tittle says, I logged on to Joinus today and found one of my waiting list girls has disappeared. She's not old enough to join until next Easter so I have time to find her again, but please does anyone know what might have happened?