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  1. J

    New brown owl tips

    I buy craft things in the sale eg after Xmas for following year. The Works has regularly 20 to 30% online but can be delivered free to local store.
  2. J

    World Traveller Badge?

    Thanks for link to passports to Europe.
  3. J

    Resource Around the world with food

    Have added another bean to the Beans game Five Beanz shout Heinz Could also serve up five beanz made by Heinz
  4. J

    Forget Me Not Challenge

    This is a cause close to my heart as my mother had Alzheimer's so hope to do this with my Brownies. Jamie Oliver's new programme and cookbook has about super foods. The Alzheimer's society used to use a yellow elephant so that could be incorporated. Leaders may wish to read John Suchet's very...