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  1. caroline68

    Sewing on badges to fundraise

    I do! I noticed when my son was in cubs how many badges were glued on and falling off! So when we opened our Rainbow unit 3 years ago I offered to sew on for £1 per badge, around half of our original parents took me up on this. We live in a village, so word spread, and I now do the same for the...
  2. caroline68


    We have aqua neckers, so no good for us, but could you say who you ordered from? If they don't state that there is a difference in colours between poly and cotton, I think they ought to refund you?
  3. caroline68

    Weekly Discussion: Presenting badges

    We have Rainbows and so we used to award them as they were earnt, but this term with the new programme, and the possibility of some not getting all badges, we decided to award all badges at the end of each half term. I put them in a named money bag, so they don't drop them and loose them! I...
  4. caroline68

    UMAs in Guiding Magazine

    I've just taken a screenshot and copied it into a word doc to print off. I didn't know the mag was online, so thanks for pointing that out and saving me tearing out the page from my mag!
  5. caroline68

    New Interest Badges

    One of my Rainbows showed me her write up of looking after her cat for a week, her Mum had signed off in her book as badge completed, so I explained to mum that all three parts needed completing. That's a lot! was her reply. I have emailed all parents suggesting they may like to look at the...
  6. caroline68

    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    Not what I've been told, but it would make a lot more sense!
  7. caroline68

    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    I have been asked to be, and indeed it is something I would like in the future, but at present it does not fit in with my family life. I feel it is important to be honest rather than take on a role I would not be able to fulfill
  8. caroline68

    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    A good mentor will answer emails and actually read the plan sent to her for her to decide which week to visit and notice that you don't meet on the last week of term and therefore not miss visiting!! That is down to having time to do the job and the right personality and that is there (or not)...
  9. caroline68

    Christmas challenges

    I would recommend the Beccles badges, the two we did had lots of activities to choose from and cute badges too. This term we are doing the Santa Challenge by Girlguiding Ashbourne District. Rainbows will be making advent calendars where they add one cotton wool ball to santa's beard each day -...
  10. caroline68

    Common Q&A about the new programme

    I didn't know about this and have emailed to ask to have 2 start dates changed! They were very quick at finding one of my Rainbows who did not appear on the list when adding in SB. In the past I have entered start dates as the date they paid subs and commited, we give them 2 weeks to see if they...
  11. caroline68

    Weekly discussion: Qualifying to lead

    Can you clarify ALQ please? Is this the 1-3 part of the leader qualification without the part 4 accounts? Therefore is the whole leader qualification changing?
  12. caroline68

    Weekly Discussion: A marker of taste?

    No, I don't think individual units should make things like Remembrance badges, but I have for the past 3 years (since we started) bought Badgefreaks poppy badges with the date on to give to our rainbows who turn up to our village act of remembrance (or in the village where they live or anywhere...
  13. caroline68

    New Programme - Discuss!

    It would have been more helpful for the SB cards to have had the info about group sizes, rather than saying divide into x no of groups and the info about sizes being elsewhere. We are doing Camp 1 with our Rainbows and had a game of deciding which 8 items from a list of 11 they should pack for a...
  14. caroline68

    New Programme - Discuss!

    New programme started last night with our Rainbows. I showed them the new badge book and explained that the round, circle badges were for them to do at home, and each badge just had three things to do. I then flicked through and said there are blue badges, pink badges (Oooooohhhhh!), pruple...
  15. caroline68


    We pay £16.50, this is a session charge, we pay the same for 1.5 hrs as Guides do for 2hrs. Its still cheaper than other venues and we have absolutely no storage space or display boards. You need to compare with other local venues really as Fenris says.
  16. caroline68

    Weekly Discussion: Is there a future for cloth badges

    I don't see many of ours wearing theirs, but noone has admitted so far to losing one!! I expect they take them off to wash and can't be bothered to put them on again, only to have take it off to wash again next week, and they are probably somewhere at home. The cloth promise badges had just been...
  17. caroline68

    New Programme - Discuss!

    Couldn't you still do this activity with your girls going to guides anyway, as part of your 40% of your own thing? It sounds lovely (I'm a RL), perhaps get them the 'I was in Brownies' badge instead? I do agree though, it would be lovely to have something like PoG for other sections, something...
  18. caroline68

    Weekly Discussion: Call me.....

    We use everyones first names, simple and easy. I also volunteer in the reception class at school, so I have my 'school name' there and have to remind them occasionally to use it, so glad they aren't calling me by some owl or flower or animal name there!!
  19. caroline68

    Weekly Discussion: Does Go deserve a bad reputation?

    I don't dislike it, nor do I like it! I see it as a tool to keep the girls' info in one safe place. I also keep a passworded spreadsheet with basic info on as its so much easier to look at, rather than a 2 page log in and several clicks to get to the right place. I thought I'd add in that we are...
  20. caroline68

    Don't do as I do, do as I say?

    Thank you, please don't be sorry, you've cheered me up no end. :) Thank you! Admin on the FB group are not allowing certain subjects now, so maybe it will stop! Go for it, let's prove them all wrong!