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  1. AJW191

    Voyage Award - How are you doing?

    The office is manned by volunteers and there are few paid staff. However, if you join the FB Discovery & Trefoil Guild Voyage Awards - Adults only, we have paid & unpaid national TG staff on the group as admins to give guidance and support of the Voyage TG Award as well as other members that...
  2. AJW191

    Voyage Award - How are you doing?

    Sorry, but yes you do need to pay the census fee - its £10.60 I think ... The TG have nothing to do with GG and are a separate organisation so if you are an active guider with a unit, your unit will pay for you - mine does for me and I pay the TG's fee myself. However the fee is not required...
  3. AJW191

    Voyage Award - How are you doing?

    I'm a narrow boater fan too. Do you have your own boat or do you hire? I belong to Bridgewater Boaters Trefoil Guild who are a special interest TG ie narrow boating! I did my service in the community for my Discovery Award working at the National Waterways Museum at Ellesmere Port from...
  4. AJW191

    Voyage Award - How are you doing?

    I'm a narrow boater fan too. Do you have your own boat or do you hire? I belong to Bridgewater Boaters Trefoil Guild who are a special interest TG ie narrow boating!
  5. AJW191

    Question? Sleepover venue near Salford

    What about the Victorian Baths? I know that there is a whole district going there at the end of June and am sure they wouldnt mind you popping in with notice to see what its like. I thought about going but we are nearer to Wigan than Manchester and it was decided it was too difficult to...
  6. AJW191

    Guiding on Saturdays

    Warrington Division in Cheshire Forest have a Saturday morning meeting. Barbara who is a member of the scout & guide depot team at Warrington on Tuesday evenings runs a rainbow / brownie & guide meetings all on the one Saturday - I'm unsure whether its every morning or whether its per month and...
  7. AJW191

    Tea Party Craft Ideas - Help Pretty Please

    Do you know of anyone with a Big Shot machine that could die cut something tea party related for you? Doesnt have to be in paper or card, could be another medium eg foam etc or plain white cup/mug and decorate it as a souvenir with pens ...
  8. AJW191

    Murder Mystery?

    I would agree that the murder mystery takes more than a normal meeting. We did one on a boat written by one of our members and only dressed up from shoulders upwards. We started it on the Friday evening after dinner and I think we were on board for 4 days so it was possibly about 2 hours an...
  9. AJW191

    interview on the radio today

    That's a thought! I was watching a children's programme this morning with my baby grand daughter and they were cartoon brownies or guides from memory on channel 5 and there was a badge missing of the leader's sash and the kids went in search of it and did various jobs along the way and upset...
  10. AJW191

    why is my daughter's brownies sash made of cast iron?

    ] about a year before I left brownies, we brought the yellow gilet in for the girls and it has proved a success since then. I advocate the use of the guide gilet now for the sewing of badges on.
  11. AJW191

    Community Action

    I had cat's protection just before christmas last year - chosen by the guides - and we still have to do a fund raiser for them. Costs £80 to rescue, health check and flea & worming medication for one kitten. We still have to do some fund raising and I think the other leaders and most of...
  12. AJW191

    Fundraising ideas

    If you buy the multi boxes of smarties and they fundraise at 5p a time etc ... parents can get rid of those irritating 5 pence coins and the box holds approx £2.55. I did this with Brownies many moons ago and ok its not alot of money but as you say Dolphin that parents are fed up with...
  13. AJW191

    Girlguiding branding - your thoughts?

    I belong to one of those groups where members are "not from a single geographical area". But even CHQ were unsure on how to reply to us.
  14. AJW191

    Urgent! Badges

    Yes ... those are the correct badges. Amazing really that the challenge was produced years ago and people are still doing the challenge and attempting to buy the badges. One would think that Girlguiding would consider updating it and renewing the badges - it was certainly one of their...
  15. AJW191

    Waterways Challenge + Resources

    If anyone wants any help with it or anything clarifying ... there's myself on here and Hilz042 who is also part of the Bridgewater Boaters Trefoil Guild too.
  16. AJW191

    Which challenges posted on here will still be running next term ?

    The Canal GFI is still running - in the Downloads section - suitable for BP Afloat or narrowboating weekends especially if the girls are new to narrowboating. The Waterways Challenge was released only this week. Again it will run indefinitely depending upon tastes! This is also in the...
  17. AJW191

    Waterways Challenge + Resources

    This challenge was offered as a guinea pig to the community on this forum in early 2013. Out of the 30 units that offered to trial it, only 4 units actually did go ahead with it and tried it out and gave us some valuable feed back. Its now been updated and artwork has been added to it...
  18. AJW191

    Spare GFI's and resources

    I possibly do but wont be able to check until tomorrow night. If you are sorted please let me know. I'm currently sorting all my duplication GFIs out for the Floods Donation.
  19. AJW191

    Cook Book Idea

    I have the Cheshire Forest book - blue cover.
  20. AJW191

    Interest badges wanted

    Most depot shops will still have the old badges I should imagine - I know mine does but cant remember whether they have any survival badges left but I can ask if you want but wont know the answer until Saturday evening at the earliest. If you can show me a pic of the badge I might...