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    Alton Towers

    We stayed the night at Alton Towers and the Guides loved it. If you want to try Drayton Manor, there is a Girlguding Midlands Mega Day which is open only to members of Guiding (not sure if its limted to Midlands or to any unit). The park will not be open to members of the public. It is £10...
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    Big Gig 2014

    We have 5 tickets spare for the Liverpool BigGig, if anyone is interested, please PM me. Thanks.
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    Wellies and Wristbands

    We went last year and still have my programme of activities. An example of one of the days On the main stage: 10am Street Dancing, 10.30 Fancy dress judging, 11.00 Mixed dance including Zumba, 1130 Wildern Community Choir, 1.30pm Street Dance, 2.30 African Drumming (until 3), 5-6 Greenish Day...
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    Question? Big gig October 2013

    I had to email, this is what I received back. Please book at the link below using Google Chrome or Firefox, or you can call Telesales on 0208 795 1758, leave your name and number and the event you wish to book for and someone will call you back. (Please note events will be done in date...
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    Question? Big gig October 2013

    I am just booking carparking on the CSP link on Wembley Arena for the BigGig but I can't see anywhere to specify which performance we want parking for - do we just chose the one event and book? Many thanks.
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    Question? Big Gig tickets Oct 2013

    Our came this morning - evening performance.
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    Wellies and Wristbands

    Having allocated the activities to the guides, I have two who don't do heights and can't swim. Our activities were high ropes or kayaking so we will need to go to the swap shop but I doubt that we will be successful as other guides will need swimming costumes and water kit. Does anyone know...
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    Adult Leader with LQ but not unit 4

    Dear all, Can a Leader be in charge of a unit if she doesn't have unit 4? She has done the rest of the LQ and the other two leaders are both 65 + . Many thanks
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    Ordering uniform through District Badge Secretary/depot

    Our depot gives 20% off leaders uniform and 10% off girls uniforms (including to parents) but nothing off badges and other items.
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    Urgent! Votes wanted - please help our campsite

    Voted for you. Good luck.
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    Tent Waterproofing

    Thank you quack, I will do that. I am fairly new to guiding and really driven at times by marketing hype. That's why I like to ask advice on here from those with more practical experience.
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    Tent Waterproofing

    A kind doner has just gifted us a new tent. It is a 5 man with porch space so ideal size for a small patrol tent. However, the HH is 2000. Does anyone know if I can waterproof this better or if 2000 will be suitable? Many thanks
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    Join us

    I got in a short while ago but it was slow.
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    Arden 2014

    Thank you, will do.
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    Arden 2014

    I am looking at registering our unit to attend next year, does anyone know if we can park onsite? We are fairly local but wouldn't like to transport all our equipment on public transport. Thanks
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    Big Gig Acts June 2013

    Sorry, but although my guides are looking forward to the experience, they are not impressed with this line up at all.
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    Big Gig Acts June 2013

    Miss Piggy!
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    Big Gig Acts June 2013

    Anybody recognise the latest silhouette? I can make out that it's a group but that's as far as I can get!
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    Wellies and Wristbands

    Had an email today informing us that Blackland and Foxlease are to be combined at Foxlease. We were booked into Blackland Farm, happy to change if we can sort out the rail travel but I think it may increase the cost. Pleased it wasn't cancelled though.