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    Resource packs?

    I recently attended a basic training in Think Resilient and I was told that I could also run the older topics (Healthy relationships and something else). I know I can't run Free Being Me without being trained in it. Can someone tell me where I can get the other topic packs or send them to me...
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    Personal Values Octant

    I have no idea how to get this octant. I've looked through a lot of what others have said they did but I can't find anything that I can fit into it. My phase 1s are: Renewed promise as a leader Voted for the first time Joined organ donor register. I am vegan and I go to Animal rights...
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    Japan Challenge

    I made this challenge as a fundraiser for Japan in 2015 but I still have some badges left :) It is in the resources under 155th Belfast Japan Challenge. Enjoy!
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    Resource 155th Belfast Japan Challenge

    neonlightning submitted a new resource: 155th Belfast Japan Challenge - Japan Challenge badge for all sections Read more about this resource...
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    DofE Diamond Challenge

    Has anyone else heard about this? Its open to all ages but was thinking about offering it to my Guides. Does anyone know how it would work in a unit? I assume they would each do their own challenges or do them in groups if they have thought of similar goals and we would come together for...
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    Baden Powell Award Clauses

    Hi everyone, I've found the Guidance Notes for Leaders - Guide section PDF on the Girlguiding website and the BP clauses in it are different than the ones one the Guide section of the website, as well as the G Files and Badge Files that I have although those are quite old. Are the ones in...
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    Japan Challenge

    I have made the Japan Challenge as a fundraiser for my trip to the World Scout Jamboree in Japan next year as IST and badges have just arrived :) They are £1 each plus P+P and the challenge can be found in the files.
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    Mystery Camp book

    Hi all, today I found a fiction book in a second hand book shop entitled "Mystery Camp" by Violet M. Methley. Its about a guide camp (I think a patrol specifically, but I haven't read it - just flicked through) and is part of "The 'Golden' Library for Girl Guides and Brownies" series according...
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    Community Action idea?

    Hello! Starting my QG soon and I've been trying to sort a plan out. For my community action element I was thinking of volunteering in a few different charity shops in different areas eg one in the city, one in the suburbs and one further out. For the research element I would be exploring the...
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    Queen's Guide/Gold Duke of Ed crossover?

    I know you can use your expedition for both your Duke of Ed and Queen's Guide as long as you've asked both your mentors if thats okay but can you use the skill section as well for the personal skill development section in the QGA? I don't see why you couldn't but I just thought I'd check :) thanks.