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    Strategy 2020

    There has been a lot of change in the past year and a fairly mixed view on it overall. Girlguiding are starting to develop the associations five year strategy for 2020 onwards and consultations are open. The first looking at our culture is here The Culture of Girlguiding and open until 17th...
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    Question? Gold Awards

    Can anyone tell me if there should be a certificate to go with the Gold awards for the various sections ? I was reliably informed that there should be but I have had equally reliable information to suggest it is just the two badges (cloth & metal).
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    Guiding Magazine

    Guiding magazine has hit the doormat and whilst there is a bustle of activity on the new programme, they seem to have listened and revamped the overall content of the magazine too. They are restarting the letters page, there are some articles on how to manage particular issues, plus the details...
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    New volunteer opportunity for HQ

    HQ are looking for a lead volunteer to start the process of looking at our next strategy review... Details as follows : Lead Volunteer for Membership Engagement on our 2020 strategy
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    New Chief Guide

    So today council are deciding who our new Chief Guide will be. If there was just one key quality that you would like our new lead volunteer to have , what would it be ?
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    Merry Christmas

    Time for a thread to pass on good wishes to all the forum members for a very Merry Christmas. We all do so much for others throughout the year I hope that you all find a little time of peace and goodwill for yourselves. Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
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    Hurricane Irma - GG Branches Support

    I know this is not something that we would normally support on the forum, but in view of the recent devastation in the Caribbean, Girlguiding have set up a Just Giving page to raise funds for the Branch Associations that have been torn apart by the hurricane. Clearly the initial response must be...
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    This is an issue that has reared its head in my part of the world lately. Where do you keep your unit equipment ? I don't mean so much the usual weekly resources, but the camp equipment, pack holiday stuff, maybe the larger pieces of unit equipment. Traditionally, people have had space at...
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    'JIGSAW' 2018 - NEE Region Camp

    Save the date note for the next Region camp - 28 July 2018 to 4 August - to be held at Duncombe Park near Helmsley on the edge of the stunning North York Moors. There are options for all sections and volunteers needed to help run the event. More details are on the NEE website and applications...
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    Does anyone listen to The Archers?

    If so and without a spoiler alert...WOW! An explosive episode...
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    Happy New Year

    Following on from Kingfisherblue's thread.. A Happy New Year to all, may you enjoy good guiding and good friendship from all...
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    Spectacular Ewe -SS Centenary camp

    Just to say that NEE camp for the Centenary has now opened for bookings. Go to NEE website for more details. This is open to SS nationwide not just NEE. http://girlguidingnortheast.org.uk/spectacular-ewe
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    Girls can .... logo

    Any idea where I can download this from ? I have an event on Saturday I'm putting a display up for and I see from other PR events people using it as headers etc. Is it on the online print manager ?
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    Spam - Private Messages - PM's

    We have had an influx of spam PM's from a former member of the forum, we suspect her email has been hacked. We are aware and the ID has been banned so there is no need to report the issue. Many thanks The Mods
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    Dear Santa..

    I have been good this year ( I think ) so if you have room on your sleigh would you mind filling my stocking with : a few more hours a week (tagged to the weekend would be great ) a little elf to help me tidy my house (it's a little overburdoned with Guiding essentials) a little patience...
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    BP Award letter

    I've been asked to draft a letter to accompany the BP Badges and certficates from our County Commissioner. You know the sort of thing, well done, great achievement, lot of memories etc. Has anyone any good examples or phrases to go in ?
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    BBC Countryfile - Volunteer of the year

    There is a Guider on the shortlist of the Olivia Hill Volunteer of the year - I picked it up from the GG Twitter feed. She's only 30 or 40 votes off the lead so maybe we can use social media for a positive purpose and boost her votes a little. You don't need to log in just vote...
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    How you can help us to help you

    In response to another thread on the site about people moving on to University, I thought I'd remind people that there is another side to the influx of keen leaders moving into a new area. It's not that University towns and cities don't appreciate the help we do, but it can be a strain...
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    Question? How much rent do you pay?

    We meet in jointly owned HQ. We have traditionally charged an amount per head which paid over termly based on our census numbers. We have a couple of new leaders in the district that feel the rent is too high and they may get a better deal elsewhere, possibly paying a set amount per night. I...
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    Body Image v Clothes Show

    Just a thought that struck me today whilst surfing around. There was an article in The Times this morning discussing the GG stance on body image and the research we've done on it, then I've just opened the Region website and there's a competition in connection with the Clothes Show. Is it me...