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  1. OrangeOwl

    History question: Brownie camping

    Please can someone help me? I'm trying to find out when Brownies started camping outdoors, rather than just holidays indoors. Thanks
  2. OrangeOwl

    What traditions must be maintained?

    An interesting discussion on Facebook has set me thinking. What traditions do you feel are essential to guiding? The one in the original discussion was graces on pack holiday. Some felt that they were essential (not necessarily faith though, just thanks) as they are traditional. Others have...
  3. OrangeOwl

    Harry Potter themed pack holiday: tips and cheats please

    We're off on a HP weekend in a month or so: I've been looking at the Expelliarmus and magic challenges and lots to arrange/lots to do The planning is well underway and most of the programme is taken care of....but I was wondering if anyone has already done this and therefore has room labels...
  4. OrangeOwl

    Pioneering: how do you learn?

    We ran our inaugural Brownie camp last year and will be doing it again: one night, campfire cooking, singing etc. Last year we offered archery as an additional activity and it was very popular, but I don't want to do the same thing every year. There is lots of pioneering equipment at the...
  5. OrangeOwl

    Great outings for meetings

    Every so often I see things pop up and then they are lost so I wondered if it would be useful to put all the recommendations in one place. here are my two to start us off: Pets at Home Tesco Farm to Fork There must be more. Please share!
  6. OrangeOwl

    Leaders needed small town in East Northants

    We're losing our AL in February and need another leader for Brownies. We desperately need someone with some experience to set up Rainbows and/or Guides. I have enough girls on my Brownie waiting list who are under 7 to set up a Rainbow unit immediately. We are losing girls at 10 because...
  7. OrangeOwl

    Sharing a small Brownie camping victory

    The idea of Brownie camping wasn't popular with Div camp advisor, guide leader, though nothing overt. I have full holiday licence so planned overnight camp. We invited other units to join as they have no residential licence. DBS checks for other units left late and we had last minute...
  8. OrangeOwl

    Fete and Fair stall ideas

    It's fete season and I'm sure that loads of us are fundraising. I saw Doris's post about a S'mores stall (genius!) and thought it might be handy to have a place to share ideas. We're quite rural and our village fair is governed by a fearful committee: there are two venues to serve teas and we...
  9. OrangeOwl

    finding food alternatives for allergic girls

    I am taking a group of Brownies camping. On holiday we have more storage space and more time and we are able to accommodate them all relatively easily. For camping I would like to offer a much more limited menu (we're going for only one night) as we will be cooking on the fire mostly. Thus I...
  10. OrangeOwl

    Golden Hinde? Has anyone done a sleepover?

    They dress the children up, feed them tudor food, make them swab the decks etc. It's aimed at KS2 level: then everyone sleeps on the gun deck and they give you breakfast in the morning. They accept between 20-40 including adults so I was thinking we could offer it as a whole unit event. Has...
  11. OrangeOwl

    Simply: how much are your subs?

    I was talking to another B.O at the weekend and she charges less than half what I do! Our circumstances (rent, shared resources with another organisation etc) are very different but still, I was amazed. We charge £35 per term (£105 per year) which covers 38x1.5hour meetings, annual census...
  12. OrangeOwl

    Camping with Brownies

    Who actually does this ? I'd appreciate your opinions on this: We enjoyed the BBB one night camp organised by division last year and the girls asked to camp again. Spoke to DivComm who was supportive. Local CampAdvisor less so. Planned this: single night camping in lightweights at site...
  13. OrangeOwl

    Scavanger hunt in the woods: any ideas?

    I know it's a cheeky ask and apologise in advance but I'm out of time and ideas (brain full of real life at the moment). Does anyone have a scavenger hunt list that they could send me please? Thanks in advance
  14. OrangeOwl

    Quick question re camping module of going awy qual.

    I have a full Brownie holiday license. I'm planning on taking the girls on one night camps only. I know that my current modules cover this. I did my qual under the old book which does not answer this question for me: Can I do the module 8 to turn it into a full camping licence on an...
  15. OrangeOwl

    Wat do you call this game please?

    We play a game where everyone sits in a circle with legs apart touching the next person's feet and then a ball is rolled in. They have to push the ball away with their hands so it doesn't touch the inside of their legs. It's quite fast and quite hard work but is virtually silent. What is it...
  16. OrangeOwl

    Inclusion Resource?

    I understand that there used to be a resource for leaders all about inclusion. I have a new Brownie starting for who I need/want to make some special provision and it would be very useful to get a look at this guidance: now out of print/being updated but no replacement yet available. If you...
  17. OrangeOwl

    Need to change everything: how do you start meetings?

    We are a loud pack. We have shouting, singing, jumping, running and as long as they settle for circle time and activities and are kind to each other and do their best that's always been fine with me. There are much quieter packs in the division and where girls have found us a bit overwhelming...
  18. OrangeOwl

    URGENT!!! Help me find coiless safety pins please!!

    Waaa!! Pack hol on 17th: craftdepot.co.uk are away for Easter and not back until 19th. Can anyone recommend another UK supplier? Thanks in advance
  19. OrangeOwl

    Adventure Out

    Some years ago I bought some badges from GGUK as they were reduced. Of course we never got round to using them and now I want to we have too many Brownies! I need 6 more: does anyone have any hanging about in their badge box please? Will pay of course: let me know how much you want. Thanks...
  20. OrangeOwl

    Need some thing as good as loombands for Brownies

    This time last year Loombands hadn't hit our town.... We introduced them at Brownie Holiday and gave each girls a kit to get them started and showed them a couple of simple patterns. The holiday was the best ever: lots of activities we'd arranged but in spare time we didn't need to entertain...