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  1. fenris

    Not Celebrating Special Days?

    I am pondering doing something radical in my units next year. I am pondering whether to make next year's programme virtually festival-free. I know, it sounds radical, doesn't it. No meetings based around Christmas or Easter, Mother's Day or Father's Day, Remembrance or Parliament Week or...
  2. fenris

    Might the Ranger Programme work?

    From the day they were first invented in 1917, Senior Guides/Rangers have tried to fulfil two purposes, but struggled: a) Be a kind of 'finishing school' for girls who have completed the Guide (and often Brownie) programmes b) Be a section for girls joining Guiding 'cold' at age 14 or over with...
  3. fenris

    The end of XL units?

    In recent years, there has been no cap on unit sizes beyond what the premises had space for, and what the leadership team reckoned they could manage. Prior to that there were limits (24 for Brownies, 36 for Guides etc). But dropping the limit was part of the move to a more flexible programme...
  4. fenris

    Don't do as I do, do as I say?

    As Leaders, we regularly encourage our girls to embrace change. We ask them to move section, to move Six or Patrol, to try new and varied activities, to stretch themselves. We encourage them to take part in outings and residential events, both locally and further afield. To learn new skills...
  5. fenris

    Part Time Campers

    How flexible should you be? Looking at running a greenfield camp for Guides, with activities on the Saturday monring/afternoon, cooking on wood fires, traditional skills. But I'm struggling to work through a flood of requests from girls who want to miss parts of the weekend (it's only friday...
  6. fenris

    Question? Leaders working on ALQ and desperate to do GAW

    Have seen a lot of instances recently of Leaders who have yet to complete ALQ, wanting to organise greenfield Brownie Camps or lead Guide International Trips soon - ideally as Leader in Charge. In most cases, the Leaders don't have prior youth leadership knowledge in other groups, in some cases...
  7. fenris

    Benefits of student leaders

    I do my Guiding in an area next to a university, meaning that each year we aim to recruit students to each of our units. Wondered what others reckoned were the advantages of student leaders?
  8. fenris

    "What new programme"

    The vast majority of us know fine well that there is a new programme coming. Some are excited about it, some curious, some irritated or frustrated, some bored, some with other reactions - but whatever the opinion, we know that it is coming. But - from some forums, it appears that there is a...
  9. fenris

    11-year-old Brownies

    Seem to be a lot of cases of girls who joined at 7 still being in Brownies at 11 - in some units, as the norm not the exception. What are the pros and cons?
  10. fenris

    Teaching "The Founders"

    What do you teach the girls about Lord and Miss Baden-Powell and what ideas do you have for teaching about how Guiding started?
  11. fenris

    Question? Do Rainbows do outdoor adventure?

    Was looking at another youth group's pages, at some of the activities their group's 6-7 year olds have done recently. The list included: Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing, Sailing, caving, climbing/abseiling, archery, knife work, firelighting, 10 mile hike, Shooting, cooked outside, fire lighting...
  12. fenris

    Suggestion - should we drop having uniforms?

    Ever since Guiding first started, people have argued over the uniforms. There have always been claims that they have never been smart enough, practical enough, easy enough to launder. They have always been criticised for being too baggy and shapeless or too snug, too long or too short, the...
  13. fenris

    UK Guiding events outwith England

    I'm trying to trace when the last UK-wide Guiding event was held in one of the other three countries - Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland - rather than England. Anyone have any info?
  14. fenris

    Agnes/Robert/Olave Baden Powell Pictures

    Does anyone have good-quality A4 size pictures of Robert, Agnes and Olave Baden-Powell (can be colour or black and white) which they could share with me? I'd like some to display for next term.
  15. fenris

    Resource Patrol Leader Handbook

    fenris submitted a new resource: Patrol Leader Handbook - A handbook for new Patrol Leaders, Read more about this resource...
  16. fenris

    Resource Music is Fun challenge [Deleted]

    fenris submitted a new resource: Music is Fun challenge - Music-related challenge badge Read more about this resource...
  17. fenris

    Question? Dealing with 'How Guiding Started' Myths

    Once again the same old myths are circulating - the "Guiding was started by a small group of girls who gatecrashed the Crystal Palace Rally", the "Robert Baden-Powell hadn't heard of Girl Scouts before he encountered them at Crystal Palace", the "Guiding was founded by Olave Baden-Powell", and...
  18. fenris

    Please support Girlguiding Currie

    We're fundraising for a new floor for our Guide hall. After 45 years service it's starting to show it's age. It's used by over 100 Guiding members every week as well as other community groups, and regularly provides a sleepover venue for Guiding groups visiting Edinburgh. Every vote helps...
  19. fenris


    Given that Guiding is intended to be an outdoor adventure hobby, based on the principle of learning through games, to what extent should we be participating in sideline activities such as political campaigning, and to what extent on our core outdoor adventure purpose?
  20. fenris

    Current Blogs

    I currently have a Guiding blog (fenristheguider.blogspot.com) - there are quite a few other Guiding blogs out there, but many of them seem to be very rarely updated - any good ones out there that are regularly added to?