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  1. Jellie

    Brownie Theme Award and Anniversary Certificates

    I made some A5 sized certificates for my unit and thought I'd share on here in case anyone else would like to use them too :) Update: Now includes a Gold Award Certificate!
  2. footscraybrownowl

    London Black Taxi Challenge

    Here is our challenge badge, over 900 in stock, please message for copy of the syllabus, not just about London or Taxis it covers a wide variety of activity's fun for all ages!
  3. Trinny

    New Programme Term Plans

    I think it's really interesting to see how people plan to implement the new programme, and especially to see how it can work alongside the old programme. Post your Autumn 2018 programmes here!
  4. maddyfin11

    Walk on The Wild Side Wellies Challenge Badge 1

    Hi! We are 1st Hither Green Guides and in 2019 we will be 100 years old! As part of this celebration we will be going to Switzerland on our first ever international camp!! We are an inner city London group who love the great outdoors!! We have made this challenge pack -including activities...
  5. fenris

    11-year-old Brownies

    Seem to be a lot of cases of girls who joined at 7 still being in Brownies at 11 - in some units, as the norm not the exception. What are the pros and cons?
  6. R

    Retro 'Game On' challenge badge

    Great resource for a sleepover, camp or pack holiday or to use over a number of weeks with your unit . Choose from body, mind, team and international games - all with a fun retro 1980s feel. Great fun for all sections. Our Rainbows loved it - we hope you do, too!
  7. M

    Teddy Bear Picnic Challenge 2018-04-03

    Lots of teddy themed activities, crafts and games to celebrate Teddy Bear Picnic Day in July or National Teddy Bear Day in September (although can be done at any time). A picnic in a public space is a perfect PR or recruitment opportunity. Badges are £1 each.
  8. E


    Hi, Has anybody done the sleepover at Legoland Windsor? looking for pro's & con's. Thanks
  9. badgemad4

    Weekly Discussion: Terrible twos (four or five years late)

    They refuse to try. When they aren’t with a friend they cry. Wandering off from their activity or circle time is common. They want one on one attention all the time. They interrupt other girls. It’s “never their turn” just after they had a go. Some girls are surprisingly mature when they start...
  10. L

    Question? Preparations needed for Brownie sleepover in London

    Hi all, I'm taking my Brownies to London for a weekend trip in October, I have activities planned and booked, accommodation planned and booked, confirmation of girls and leaders going and have already taken half the payment. I have sent off my REN form and my LIT is going to do consent and...
  11. H

    HOOT Challenge 5

    Enjoyed by more than 10,000 worldwide, suitable for all sections, with plenty of games, outdoor, indoor, craft, edible and conservation activities. Lots of creative items and plenty of items to link to the Brownie section. Badges are £1.25 each, supporting our Brownie unit trips and activities...
  12. H

    Be an Elf Yourself Challenge 1

    A brand new, elf based activity resource, packed with promise linked, fun, community, 'elpful activities and ideas suitable for all ages. Badges are 75p each (including gold sparkly bell embroidery!) and available year round for any of those out of season (or indeed non Christmas) elf meetings...
  13. A

    Taking Guides on Pack Holiday

    Hi, In October I (hopefully) will be running my first Brownie Pack holiday. However, we currently have 24 girls with about 11 leaving in Summer to become Guides. Should I give them the opportunity to come on Pack Holiday even though they will have spent a half term in Guides? I'm a bit worried...
  14. 1

    Question? Brownie Trip Ideas

    Hi everyone, My Brownie unit is celebrating it's 50th Birthday in September and we're having trouble coming up with good trip ideas that won't break the bank. We've asked the girls what they'd like to do but they've suggested redoing things that we've already done with them - we'd much rather do...
  15. C

    France 2018

    Hi all, I am a Guider at a Guide unit in Nottingham. We are taking a small group of our Guides to "Le Chateau D’Ebblinghem" as part of the Midlands trip next August (Le Chateau D’Ebblinghem 2018- Events - Girlguiding Midlands) and are looking for more girls to complete our group. We are open...
  16. B

    Bring a Friend Night -Ideas please?

    Hi We are having a bring a friend night (Brownie age) in a couple of weeks - we have low numbers. We thought we might find a challenge badge or something we could do in small groups and would like to give them all a badge at the end of the meeting - we don't have any outside space but have a...
  17. raaowdot

    Brownie Style Font 1.0

    A font in the style of the Brownie logo in which you can use to write your documents and posters. Note the font is current incomplete and we will be added the missing letters once we have the software. To install, download the font, right click on the file and select 'Install' Note: You need...
  18. S


    Hi, We would like to teach our Brownies the art of letter writing and are looking for a Brownie group who'd like to become our penpals. We are based in Kent so preferably looking for a group that's a bit further afield. We currently have 43 Brownies so would be looking for a similar sized...
  19. S

    Pack holiday help

    Morning all. I'm after some help. Last year for brownie pack holiday I found an awesome parent letter which incorporated a poem and said something about taking time out and chilling. We put a teabag in it and a couple of sweeties but I can't find the template anywhere! Has anyone got the...
  20. M

    Monopoly Promise Wide Game 2017-03-12

    Instructions: For homework - ask the Brownies to download a QR Code Reader to their phone or download to leader/YL/Brownie Helpers phones Print "Location Sheets" then stick them up separately in the desired playing area, indoors or out - as obvious or hidden as you'd like Explain how to...