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going away with

  1. syfyowl

    Brownie Holiday QM budget

    I haven't been QM since 2012 but I'm working out a rough budget for our first BH. Does £5 a head a day sound about right? I used to be able to do it for £3.50 but it's 5 years later and I know we've got to replace our cleaning kits.
  2. syfyowl

    What is Brownie Holiday like in 2017?

    Due to *Reasons* we haven’t been able to offer our own Brownie Holiday since 2012 although we’ve Magic and Mayhem’d so the girls have had the chance to go away. I’m thinking very seriously about starting the Going Away With scheme; I’ve got the books and that’s not frightening me. I’ve been...
  3. B

    Going away with......Help!!

    I have got my going away with modules 1-7 (brownies). I have just done a camp lasting 2 nights with senior section. I understand that I have to do module 6 again as this is senior section specific and provide the evidence for this. My understanding is that I also have to submit evidence for...
  4. Tirma

    REN form: what's the difference between Leader and Event coordinator?

    Hi, I'm getting my Going Away with... license and I'm filling in the residential event notification (REN) form. I will be going with someone fully qualified and I will use the event as my assessment. We will take part in an organised event and then go on some touristy things (including...
  5. Z

    Queen Guide Award and Going Away With

    Hi, I am 23 and am currently doing my ALQ and will soon be starting the QG. For the Outdoor Element 1, it says to complete the Going Away with module 1-6 but then says you need to do this in preparation for Element 2 (the expedition) by checking ages/suitability etc. Does this mean I am...
  6. L

    cost of Guide residential

    Hi I'm trying to do my residential license and am just in the process of of letting parents know about the holiday and want to give an indication of price. The venue will be £15 per girl, allowing £12.50 per girl for food for the weekend. Also need to factor in petrol in getting there (its...
  7. Nix2020

    Question? Going away scheme licence notification

    There seems to be some confusion, how much notice do I need to give under the new scheme for me to be assessed??
  8. B

    Question? Pack Holidays happening soon in derbys/notts

    Hi All, I am currently in the planning process of my first brownie pack holiday in June and will be giving the girls their letters tonight :D, this will be for my residential license. I have been away with my guide group lots of times and have usually done the catering part for the events...