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  1. Haylestorm296

    International Songs

    Hi everyone, We are having a singing night to tie into an international/world travellers theme term.. Can anyone recommend any campfire songs that are from around the world or fit the theme? Thank you :)
  2. G

    Harewood House song (No Boundries)

    Can anyone tell me the lyrics to No Boundries, that was sung at Centenary Camp? I heard it was in the daily Gem but I missed one, I assume it was that one. Also was anyone disapointed with the opening ceremony for Harewood House?? Thankyou :]
  3. C

    Rainbow songbook & CD

    I'm sooooooooo excited!! :D When I was at CHQ in January to write the new Rainbow Roundabout we raised the subject of an official songbook for Rainbow Leaders. We even spent some time on the Sunday in fits of laughter (ok no suprise there) writing our own verses to the tune of Here we go...