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Question? 10p Night


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I know lots of people say if you want to raise some funds for units and don't need it to be hundreds a 10p night can be a good idea. I haven't done one before and can't seem to find the post with what you can include?

Has anyone done this before?
How much did you raise?
What did you include?

Thank you!


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We have 10p night once a year. They are organised by either the BP girls or the unit. We invite parents/grandparents/and siblings/ and sometimes friends. The girls work in pairs and organise a game (or sometimes two games) as this gives them a chance to take part themselves.

We raise anything between £30 and £200.

Games include:-
treasure map
pin the tail on a donkey
guessing the number of sweets in a jar
who can peg the most socks on a clothes dryer
name the teddy
name that tune
who can feed the most marbles through the hole in an upturned plant pot
a coin is placed in a bucket of water. The player has to try and drop a coin on top
higher lower card game
hope this helps


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One of our local Guide units ran a 10p night recently with girls taking responsibility for stalls in groups of 2 or 3. They then invited all of the local Brownie units to come and spend their 10ps. It was a really nice way of inviting the Brownies to mingle with the Guides a bit and talk about what they get up to, as well as raising about £75 IIRC.

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