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Because everyone needs a good patrol piccy! complete with emblems and flash colours of course.......... :p

Cock Patrol (aka: The Special Clove)

Blue Tit Patrol (aka: The Stupid Clove)

Thrush Patrol (aka: The Steaming Clove)

Swallow Patrol (aka: The Sensible Clove)

(minus Dolly in this pic)
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Yes I am...people like Lynz pointed out I was in the wrong clove!
Considering that I went to the wrong house when picking Han up, she is correct!


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Why do I look like my glasses are perched on the end of my nose?

Wasn't going for the stern headmistress look at all!

Do you want a pic of the specials as well? I have all four on my camera and FB.


ooooh Im now Brownies GiC!!
jenn u call urself a sensible!! lol!!
Can anyone whos in the pics (IE U WERE AT G2G3 ONLY) can u get in touch with me if u are on FACEBOOK please so I can invite you to our group!!!
HILZ that includes u as we are missin our sensiblest clove leader FSS!!!! lol

Cap'n Gaerlick

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Captain Gaerlick reporting in ..... I am very impressed with all my Cloves and Clovets.

Hilz - Thanks so much for doing this. I nominate you, as Head Clovet of the Sensible Clove, to be the Unit Badge Secretary (if you are willing to take on this role).

To all those arty people out there - we need a design for the Unit Badge (((Oh goody another badge for my blanket)))- all entries welcome and we can decide on the final design and hopefully get Popcorn to make them for us.

Keep up the good work Clovets.


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Wassat??? Did sumbdi' say ma neam???

Wis tanking back ma borrie, goat a stinur ae a hangower!!


(honestly, trying to type in my local language is a bit of a test!!)