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5 min chocolate cake at G2G2


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I'll bring eggs (3dz?) ... as no-one else seems to want to!

If there is no microwave we can just make normal buns - i will stick some bun cases in my bag as I know I have hundreds in the cupboard!

Still need oil, choc chips and vanilla essence


Guide and Ranger Guider
Ooooh, we made these tonight at Rangers, they're fab! The Rangers loved them, only cook them for 2 mins in a standard mug and they're pefect, they rise up huge!


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I was down to bring SR flour - but ASDA had sold out!
I have a bag which is almost full, so will bring that but don't think it will be enough!
Sparkly - if you could pick up a bag, that would be great!


Sparkly, picked up milk for the family this morning completely forgot for our fab cakes. Is there a corner shop at Woking station where I can pick some up later? If not I'll make a detour on the way to the station.
there is a co-op 2 mns walk from the station, bo has offered to pick me up from home as i am only 5 mins from station, it will mean we will be going past it on the way back towards M25, as i am assuming thats the way we will go so i am sure we can stop off an pick some up. There is also a M+S food at the station which think they do milk but don't me on it. oh and i just remember there is another shop, just pas the chinese which you can see when you come out of the station so that shouldn't be a problem

with regards to flour i have some open bags at home so will throw them in!

Oh and i will also pick up a couple of bags of choclate chips.

so it stand at@

Flour - Katie Beverly + spraklyguider
Sugar - Wren
Cocoa - Carrie
Eggs - Bryony
Milk - Shona
Oil - Helen
Chocolate chips - sparklyguider
Vanilla - Helen

If any one wants to bring anything else feel free, as everything is covered but the more the merrier it just means we have more to eat!
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