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60 Activities for the Jubilee


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One of the activities we are doing during our jubilee celebrations will be 60 activities in 60 minutes, much like the challenge 100. We have things like juggle for 60 seconds and do 60 skips.... does anyone have any ideas for more please? Suitable for all sections....

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1n 60 minutes I think you need to do 10 skips not 60 or you are using up a chunk of time.
Tie a knot/bow/shoelace
Say promise
promise from another section
Promise in another language
Sing I verse National Anthem
Name old coins Penny, shilling etc.
Address and envelope
Drink a glass of water
Wash and dry glass
Do a headstand/handstand
forward/backward roll

is this what you want?

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Build a tower with 60 things (pennies?)

Use chop sticks to move 60 things (maltesers for guides, maybe cotton wool balls for smaller ones)

Think of 60 boys / girls names

60 star jumps

Find 60 hidden objects (pictures

60 things that begin with a letter

Colour in a 60

Draw 60 candels

... I'll be back with more! I'd be really interested to see your final list though.


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good grief!!!! this is the sort of thing we might end up doing too as a district event!

hows about

writing name with left/other hand
counting backwards (lower number for younger girls - in another language for the guides perhaps)
how high a number can you count up to in 60 seconds?
how many capital cities can name
how many different types of transport
how many pop songs
how many singers
how many films/dvd's
how many different colours
how many different countries
how many different counties
girls names starting with b
starting with c etc
boys names
how many things made from wood
made from paper
made from plastic
how many things that are soft
that are hard
that are smooth
that are rough
naming as many items starting with a b
starting with a c
starting with a d etc etc
how many animals can you name with 4 legs
animals with fur
creatures with scales
creatures that live in sea
creatures that live in rainforest
creatures that live in artic
creatures that live in austrialia
naming creatures with feathers


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how many things can you name in kitchen
in bathroom
in lounge
how many different sweets can you name

make number 60 from things you can find

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Write a 60 second drama

Learn / sing 60 campfire songs

Dance to a 60's piece of music

Tell 60 Jokes

Pull 60 funny faces (ok, might have to reduce the numbers)

Eat 60 sweets

Eat a jam donut in 60 seconds (No licking your lips!)

Take 60 photos throughout the evening


Brownie Guider/Div Commissioner
Play the 60 second game. All stand . Start the stopwatch/clock and when they think 60 seconds is up they sit down. The girl who sits dwn closest to the min is the winner.


GIC Guide/SS
Logo Quiz

Find some classic British logos, either give them 60 seconds to how many they can get in that time or give them 60 logos, how many can they get.


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Play the 60 second game. All stand . Start the stopwatch/clock and when they think 60 seconds is up they sit down. The girl who sits dwn closest to the min is the winner.
variation on this could be walk from one side of room to other in 60 seconds and see who is closest :)

show a tray or bag of different items... how many can they remember and write down in 60 seconds?

play a recording of different sounds... how many can they identify and remember and write down in 60 seconds?

doing 60 things in 60 minutes is going to be hard work! it'll probably take all day as you need to allow for transition and movement between each activity and explaining what needs to be done and setting it up etc etc


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I'm going to do a variation on this with my Guides tonight. Not quite 60 things in 60 minutes, but a series of 60 second challenges. Will report back on how it goes.

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Hope you don't mind if I pinch some of these fab ideas for our district event!! I would be totally lost without this forum!!


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Its great that so many of you have come up with ideas! Thank you! Our event is not till after the Jubilee but we will be doing a smaller version of this at Guides one night too!

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Had a quiet-ish day at work today, so had a think around 'zones' eg Physical, skill, artistic, quiz/knowledge, etiquette, silly and have these:

10 hops on each leg
Catch a ball 10 times
Throw and catch a ball with a partner 10 times
Throw a ball against a wall and catch it 10 times
Skip around the hut for at least 60 skips
Shake hands with everyone at the meeting
Balance a beanbag on your head and walk for 10 steps
Parachut an object into the air 10 times
Write your name backwards
Put your uniform top on backwards and ..
walk backwards for 10 steps
Eat a biscuit with good manners (mouth closed, pinkey out!)
Drink a drink with goo dmanners
With a parther say, 'How do you do' in a posh voice and do a curtsey to each other
Draw a flower with 6 petals (one for each decade of the Queen's reign)
Fill in missing words from the Promise and God Save the Queen
Quiz: what is the xth letter of the alphabet
Draw/colour a new crown for the Queen
Queen/royal quiz, eg what is the Queens first name, name her husband etc

So there's a few there that will hopefully be of use, I think I'm up to 37 so far ..... and the meeting is on Thursday so we may have to do things twice ... :)


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We ended up just doing it as a quiz where they had to list as many things from a given category as they could in 60 seconds (in their patrols). I'd planned on just doing that to start off, and then moving on to some physical challenges too, but they wanted to keep doing the quiz. We finished off with a 60 second hockey tournament.

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