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60 Activities for the Jubilee


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In a crazy moment I decided 60 games in 60 minutes would be a good idea - at the moment im on a list of about 30 games (although I think thats probably enough because 60 in 60mins is probably impossible!)

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Well, I put together a sheet with 60 activities to do in 60 minutes - and we did it!!

Each Brownie had a sheet with all the challenges on, and worked in their Sixes moving around the four zones:

Physical (catch a ball 10 times, skip around the hut for 60 skips, parachute etc)
Royal - quiz on the Queen (her first name, how many children, design a new crown and draw a flower with 6 petals etc)
Knowledge - general quiz with animal questions etc
'What's left' - anything else I could think of that didn't get covered by the above! (Kim's game, throw a dice 10 times and add up your score, make a paper plane and fly it etc)

There was minimal cost, I think only some squash and biscuits which formed part of the Royal challenge bit as they had to eat and drink with their pinkies out to be posh, everything else was from the cupboard.

I made it at work (supervisor was off that day!) and copied it too, so I don't have it electronically, but I'll try and scan a copy and put on here if anyone is interested. There was a bit of 'artistic licence' with some of it, but we had a lot of fun and it was a really good session. Well worth the planning!

(At the end, we played a trick on the grown ups, as all the Brownies pretended to be asleep as they were so tired from their activities, and the grown ups had to try and wake them up! If only they slept like that on a sleepover .....)

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Hi ladies,

Thanks for your interest, I put it together at work and can't email it out :( I've scanned a printed version but am having a few problems uploading it here.

You're very welcome to use it as it is or adjust it to how you'd like, I think I ended up with 61 challenges, but don't tell anyone! Now if only I could upload it ...

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Although I couldn't upload it to my message, I have uploaded it to the download section!! (If that's not a contradiction in terms!!)

It's under Brownie Programme Resources, I think, so please feel free to use it or adapt it if you would like to. I've used some of teh ideas posted on here, so it's a bit of a group effort anyway.

My Brownies (large pack of 27 girls) managed to do it all, although it did take a little longer than the 60 minutes, probably another 15 minutes or so. We split into the four Sixes, and had a Guide or Unit Helper with each section of the challenge, who helped the girls if they needed it. Some did need a bit of explanation, and their Royal family knowledge in general was dreadful!!

You'll need minimum equipment, from memory: balloons, dice, paper, items for Kims Game, parachute (or sheet), balls, plastic cups, biscuits and drinks, pens. But it was quite a cheap night considering!


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Thanks so much for this!! You're a star!

I was struggling to find something that I could do in one meeting that felt like 'effort' and was a bit stuck. I want them to earn their badge, not just get it for the sake!



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Just looking at all these fab ideas and they are all for us - wonder if anybody has considered spreading 60 smiles - make up some little bunches of flowers or pots of sweets and give them 60 elderly people in your area, or adapt as appropriate; it would be lovely to see something creep in for community/for others.

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hi ! I have made a 60 things activity also .... I used 'word ' on the pc and made a large number 60 - A4 sized, with this title ..60 things begining with 1 letter from The Queens' name -ELIZABETH ... have printed out enough for each six as they can work on this together...they just write in the 60 names of things that they can think of begining with the letter they have chosen....I also printed out the name elizabeth on separate sheet...so each six can colour in the letter that they used... wonder who'll be brave an use Z ? we are working together atm with another unit as thier meeting place is out of action , so there will be 8 groups moving around various royal activities!


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Brownie centenary in 2014 and SS centenary in 2016. Next year is, depending on your section, a chance to catch your breath or a chance to get ahead on the planning!