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A HUGE Thank You to G2G4 Organisers


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Hubby says it looks like a starfish! He thinks we're all barking. So I said, no we were in Finchley!!

(I know, I can't do jokes!)




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Jenn it's OK, you are not alone - you should see my knees, I actually look like I am one of my Brownies now. And for some reason a huge one on the side of my leg and hip that I don't even remember doing. :rolleyes:


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The bruise on my wrist is nicely coloured now, and somehow I have a purple coloured big toe....... now I wonder how I managed to get bruised on my toe?.... lol

Today has actually been worse for me as I too keep on loosing my voice, hope the Rainbows and Brownies behave themselves tonight!

Who else aches in muscles you forgot you had?


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I know you guys were getting a bit tipsy when me and Nona went to bed, there was alot of strawberry whipping around with it breaking off and hit people at random I know have a few bruises more than I did when I arrived around then bottom of my legs.

I seem to be suffering today, I seem to be having an affair with my loo. So have had to extend sick leave another day


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I think my only injury was burning my hand on the oven which was my own fault anyway and is going down now! Also managed to catch myself on BO's back fence when loading things into the car but that was only a tiny cut!

I still didn't manage to get my sticker from Ben though :(