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a huge thank you


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We’ve just had our first Brownie Holiday in five years, which was also my GAWL assessment holiday. We all went home in the same number of pieces we arrived in, just a whole lot more tired. TBH I expected this and warned the parents beforehand.

I want to say a massive thank you to everyone for your answers to my questions here last year, you are so helpful and reassuring. I managed to stay calm until a fortnight before we went away and then had one very sleepless night worrying that I'd forgotten something.

The feedback from the girls is positive and they all want to go on Brownie Holiday again as soon as possible. The only thing they’ve asked to change is more time to sit and chat and to be able to do duties more! We only went away for two nights and this wasn’t something that the girls realised they would want. We’ll try to build it in naturally to the programme and we’re wanting to do a longer holiday next time.

I’m really lucky in being part of such a great leader team, the assessors turned up just as we were starting an activity – completely different to the one on the programme due to horrendous weather – and my AG stepped in seamlessly whilst I was answering questions. They are so supportive and I could not have coped without them. We're looking possibly at October half term, hopefully the last weekend as that will include the extra hour with the end of B.S.T.

I’ve just got to make sure all my evidence is ready and finalise the accounts so hopefully my next post will be as a GAWL holder (fingers and toes crossed).


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That's fantastic...well done, I hope that this encourages others to take their licence and give their girls such a great experience..

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