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A plea to Peer Educators out there...


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I need your help, our county has a massive shortage of Peer Educators (I think mainly due to the lack of a 4 Co-ordinator) I have now taken on this role but how do you enthuse Senior Section members to go on the training?

So I was wondering what would existing Peer Educators say to encourage others to go on the Basic Training?

Thanks in advance :)

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Good if you want to work with other sections but cannot commit to being a YL.
Being at the forefront of guiding actively working on issues that affect young people.
Often provides opportunities to get training by specialists in the area.
Good for developing organisational and leadership/ public speaking roles.

And the old CV/ personal statement booster!


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*raises hand* ex-Peer Educator and current county coordinator here

I often advertise it to newer YLs as great for boosting confidence and raising leadership skills, as the training is really good at preparing you to go away and run sessions. I definitely felt a lot more confident running evenings at Brownies after going on the training, even if they were nothing to do with Peer Education. If nothing else you get taught a lot of the skills you need to deal with new things, as you get used to going into strange units knowing no one and running the entire meeting, which I never would have dreamed of doing before.

Qualification-wise it can count for Look Wider (definitely community action or personal values, but could count for others), DofE volunteering, and QGA service in guiding element 1, or residential, or if they are on the training team for a Basic Training it can count for service in guiding element 2.

One thing I've done a bit was attend County Senior Section events and run 10-15 mins on Peer Education, running a couple of activities so they get to see what they would actually do, and then tell them how to get involved.


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Don't want to repeat what's been said before so just adding you can earn more badges! (Just sent off for my Bronze award, close to earning my Silver!)

Will just add that it's really improved my confidence, both in delivering and planning programs!

Plus the weekends themselves are really great, meeting other members in the area and developing friendships - even if at the end you decide maybe Peer Education isn't for you!

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One of the concerns I had before my training, that become a problem after my training was the lack of demand for the sessions.

I think showing the senior section members that there will be support / help and opportunities in getting the sessions actually arranged, they'd be more keen to do the training.

I ended up doing the training and then not actually ever doing a session. Sad times.


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That's such a shame Little! We only have 3 peer educators in county and lots of requests for sessions.

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I think the other aspect which can help recruit new educators and more demand, is simply educating all what it's all about. Some as don't realise they can do it, maybe think they need to be approached. Leaders maybe arn't aware of what is available or they don't encourage their yl to put themselves forward.
Maybe target commissioners to get them onside...

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