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Adventure badge help

Hi there!
I’m a Brownie Mum and helper and both girls have just started doing work in their adventure badge books. Is there a list available anywhere saying which badges can be used for each section (you, community, world) to make things easy for us?
Thanks x


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Everything is listed in the current Brownie hankdbook:
Brownie Adventures Book - Adult Resources | Girlguiding

However, the Brownie programme is changing from September 2018 so at the moment we are all holding off waiting for the new programme and the new handbook and badge book to come out (prob in late August). I suggest they do a couple of interest badges to keep their enthusiasm going in the meantime!


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They can do the activities in the book that are listed under You Community or World if they'd like to work on it at home. Some badges I would count as YCW as well, as long as they weren't being counted towards the 'do an interest badge' clause of the Adventure as well.
For example, World Traveller, World Guiding, World Issues, World Cultures are obviously all world activities. Culture, Wildlife Explorer and Crime prevention would be Community activities. Healthy heart, Cook, Sport, Swimmer and Brownie Skills would all be You activities.


Because the Adventure programme is mainly done at unit meetings I wouldn't encourage working on it at home unless the Leader has specifically asked you to. She may well have plans to cover the clauses already.

Interest badges, on the other hand, are designed for the girls to work on at home. The Leader will be able to advise on what their procedure is for getting interest badges signed off.

As others have said, Guiding is moving to new programmes over the next year, which will include the current interest badges being discontinued and new ones introduced - information on the changes will be released in July. So any current ones she wants to work on, she would be as well to press on with now.


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Within a badge, you might find that one clause fits into one area while another fits into a different one. Think of how a craft can be from a specific part of the UK (C) or abroad (W). Decorating an item with finger prints could be (Y).