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Advertising commonwealth award.

Hi all

I am running a session at a senior section weekend to tell people about the commonwealth award. I've done the award myself but was looking for any ideas for activities to make it exciting and accessible to senior section and leaders.

Any ideas?!


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I'd have thought that with the Commonwealth Games having just finished, it would be a great time to remind people that this is a fun award. There is a huge variety of clauses to choose from. Looking at the compulsory challenges could you get them interested in cooking a meal, doing a craft or corresponding with someone from another Commonwealth country? How long is the session - would there be time to give an example of one of these (craft, for example)? As you have done the award yourself, could you tell them about what you did? I think a badge/award always seems more achievable when you know someone who has completed it!


You could also make the investigation elements enticing - for instance, the award mentions girls gatecrashing the Crystal Palace Rally, but we know now that most of the story is myth - can they find out what really happened, and how the story became distorted?


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Likewise - I'd focus on making the boring-sounding bits a little more interesting to do. Perhaps focus on the more interesting ways that knowledge can be presented because it can end up coming across as wordy and academic which can put people off.

Depending on your audience, it might be worth highlighting what can tie up with other awards. For example, my QG community action practical was volunteering at the wildlife garden at the Natural History museum (CA clause 3 covered), and my research project used the investigation and environment optional clauses as a framework (so covered the two optional clauses too). Different ways of presenting the clauses could also be a creativity phase 1 or 2 for Look Wider. Commonwealth knowledge for international. It might make it more appealing then for units to work on parts of together, so those who don't want to complete the award still get something ticked off from doing it.


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be aware that they changed the syllabus when they brought out the new booklet to doing both clauses in some of the optional sections rather than choosing one of them
Can I please ask if it was you who was running the Commonwealth Award session at SS14? Because I really enjoyed that - and it definitely inspired me to finish mine... If it wasn't you, I hope your session went well.