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Annual Subs


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Looking for some advice please. I have a girl who has been with us since September, so has paid 2 terms subs. She is moving house and has got a place at a new unit in another District starting after half term.
My question is, who pays her annual subs due shortly? I have no problem if this is us to pay but I have not had this situation crop up before and wondered what the etiquette is.
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There is no set arrangement/etiquette other than that the unit the member is currently registered at pays/will be charged. And there is no automatic obligation to pay the other unit, although you may want to consider if she will be transferred in time for the cut off date (meaning you may be charged regardless).

If you have contact with the new unit I’d contact them directly and ask what their arrangement is.

I’d say that the main factor is if they charge for census separately as a one off annual payment. If you have been collecting combined census (annual membership) into your usual subs you could offer to pay a contribution, and then they decide if they are going to ask the family for a “top up” or swallow the cost. Most of us make provision for changes in the unit numbers, including if we have a section below that might have different subs arrangements or girls re/joining/dropping out.


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To be honest, if this girl was moving to the other end of the country, you wouldn't hunt the unit down and offer ££. Youve transferred her, as far as you're concerned she has left your unit, so why should you pay? The other unit will either add her as a member before the cut off, or they won't, because she won't have been to 2+ meetings to decide that she actually wants to join this new unit. That's their call, and the fact that they may budget differently is neither here nor there.

Presumably you have girls who leave through the year who have paid and girls who join who haven't paid enough in subs to cover it? I wouldn't think any more about it than that - these things happen, and it all works out in the end :)