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*anon post* Advice from join us coordinators needed


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‘Hi, I am a Join Us Coordinator for County, I have been in the job a little while now but struggling. We are a very small county so thought it would be fairly simple but I have emailed the leaders on several occasions to update their Join Us records yet some (over half) will not reply and will not update the record, some are still in the assigned area and have been there over a year, I am unsure if they have been contacted.

I don’t really know what to do now, I offer any help if needed yet only 1 leader has asked.

Do any other Join Us Coordinators have any tips, I am a bit worried a lot of these girls are going to not bother joining and give our area a bad name


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I think I would suggest that you speak to your County Commissioner in the first instance. If this is an issue affecting the whole County rather than particular districts is it a problem with the initial trianing, incorrect information being provided initially.

I think you need to get the Commissioner team on your side to help train and educate the leaders regarding the consequences of not responding

The second thing I have thought of, is are the 'old' records actually duplicates ? It has not been unknown for parents either by accident or design putting details in twice and registering for two units. I know in NEE there is a programme to cleanse the data on Join Us as we have lots of old entries which are either duplicates or they are already in the system in another form so the inital entry languishes there ad infinitum.
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I am not a join us coordinator at county level, but I do help my DC with chasing up district girl enquiries that have been sat there for a while.

Firstly, I know email is probably the most convenient for you if you are dealing with a large number of leaders, but not everyone uses their email regularly. For all you know, the leader hasn't even read your emails. They may have got a new email address and not updated Go as well. I know it takes up time, but a quick call to them might be better.

Secondly, have you tried involving their district commissioners? They know their leaders, so will know if the leader is having issues.

If none of that works, are you allowed to contact the parents directly to find out whether they still need to be on the list? It could be that these leaders have actually contact the parents on multiple occasions and not had response, but just haven't updated Join Us. There are a couple of leaders in my district that really struggle with using Join Us, but are too proud to ask for help. Sadly, one of these leaders decided to retire because she couldn't deal with the admin side of things, even though I did take over managing Go and Join Us for her.


I think you need to split the problem into two categories, as in most localities they can be split into the 'can't and the 'won't'.

The 'can't' are the people who are not opposed to GO, but don't have the means to use it - whether that's lack of training, or lack of suitable computer access (there is still a significant percentage of the population who don't have internet access, and a percentage who have never 'surfed'.) If you were able to provide local training (if possible 1:1), or source ways of enabling the unit to access (doesn't have to be the GiC who does the record keeping, can be done at locations such as local libraries . . .).

The 'won't' are the small minority of refusers - those who are not open to doing the training, or who are not persuaded by the assurances which have been given over security. For them, you will need to look at the options on a case-by-case basis, with the support of your County.


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Pick up the phone and ring the leaders. It's a lot harder to fob someone off on the phone than for them to ignore an email. Plus what they said ^^^