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Question? Any spare Suffolk BBB Badges?


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Bit of a long shot but does anyone have any of these badges spare? Happy to pay. We were given enough to cover those on the census but two of my units have grown since then. How do I give them to some but not others?



I am going to Craftability tomorrow and will attempt to get the following,

Elfowl - one of each,
Shutterbug - one of each
Cazbly - one of each
Natalie21 - one of each
catherinew - one of each
Victoria - one of each

is this right? Any more?
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Right, I have ordered some from Craftability and once have all my girls sorted will see if I have any left over. Do people want the Brownie or the leader versions? They are £1 each.


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Attached below (hopefully) is a picture of the Suffolk BBB badge. There was only one type in Craftability, Ipswich this morning - I don't know if this is the girl or Leader one as mentioned in another post.


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