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Any trainee teachers out there?


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Hiii im coming to the end of my 2nd year on a primary teaching degree at uni, juggling uni, brownies & other commitments!
Just wondering how many other trainee teachers are out there?


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No longer a trainee, but it's my second year of being a secondary teacher. I remember the juggling of my PGCE very well if it helps!


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I'm starting a PGCE Primary in september, I'm really excited but scared too....I've had a 'year off' from studying, and have been quite enjoying the late mornings, lazying around and not having to worry about essays or planning!!


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It is hard doing, but try to make sure you are well organised (says little miss disorganised!)

I did my PGCE last year and still maanged Guides. It helped that our meetings are Mondays, so I knew to make sure I was completely prepared for Tuesday too at the weekend. I did consider becoming a district / division Guider so that I didn't have a regular commitment, but didn't do this in the end.


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I'm on the 2nd year of my secondary teaching degree, basically a PCGE as I'm in all the same classes as the PGCEers. Almost finished.... 6 weeks to go! argh!


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Yeah Im just finishing second year of a four year primary ed course, still assistant leader at rainbows but they understand when I am going to be late becuase of placement, I'm holding of organisng meetings during placemt but it seems to be going great, think it helps that I've moved to being a leader after starting as a brownie at my church and never leaving lol


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hi- starting a 3 year primary ed course in september- joining a new unit closer to my uni which will be good - rather excited- must improve organisation lol = currently brownie AG.


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Hi I'm starting a PGCE in September too - GIC of a Brownie Unit (with good leadership team) and a Guide Unit (where the AG is also starting PGCE....think we may struggle with that 1 as its more or less just us) - am a bit worried about juggling it all though, I didn't miss a meeting this year (final year of degree), but found it really hard (and thinking about it now, I should have taken a step back the last term :S)

Lisa MTT

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Are you on the TES Forum? I'm there [under a different name as my colleagues do not yet know of my plans to change career!] and asked a very similar question. I got lots of very supportive replies :)


My Brownies & I bumped into one of their teachers this weekend at Race 100 (big county centenary event). Turns out that she has both Brownies and Guides, but far enough away to not have any pupils in her units. If she can manage it ... :)

Starting a secondary PGCE in September whilst being in charge of a Guide Unit.
This is me!

am a bit worried about juggling it all though, I didn't miss a meeting this year (final year of degree), but found it really hard (and thinking about it now, I should have taken a step back the last term :S)
This is also me!

Thanks to Lisa for posting a link to that TES thread - was very interesting reading.

At the moment I'm joint-GIC of a Guide Unit (but basically I end up doing everything) and there's a possibility the other leader might be moving away anyway. We have another leader working on ALQ, but she's not that keen to get overly involved and will be moving between home and uni next year.

This has really got me thinking that I need to find somebody else who's willing to share the responsibility more!
I start my PGDE Secondary in August - am on TES forum as well!!! I think the only problem I forsee is getting back from uni in time for brownies starting!! Especially during placement time!


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Getting back from uni wasn't a problem, as we often finished pretty early. However, on placement, as once you are working, I often was home late. I just used to try and allow for the fact that I needed to leave in reasonable time on Mondays
I've been advised that all the students on the PGDE need to be available monday to friday 9am - 5pm. I don't have a problem with this but I'm wondering how likely it is that I'm going to be needed on campus as 4:40 on a friday!


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You should be fine getting out, ours told us we would be in till 6 on a Friday but it was never any later than 4, don't think they're that mean haha


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I am planning on applying to do a PGCE in Secondary Maths/Science (not decided which yet) to start in Sept '11. I need to contact the Guide leaders to see if they need any help from September as I currently have no experience working with secondary aged kids