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Any trainee teachers out there?

I applied for secondary history and only do brownies and my beavers and they said it was good to be involved in things like that - seemed to go for me! Try and see if a local secondary school will let you volunteer - my course was heavily oversubscribed so they were tending to focus on applicants who had school experience and experience of working with children - a desire to be around the little blighters!!! lol!!!


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I'm starting a PGCE in September as well!! I'm currently an Assistant Leader with a Guide Unit but am starting up a Senior Section unit in September!! Luckily I'll have my GiC at Guides to help with the SS unit as well!!

Georgie Porgie

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I'm starting a PGCE Secondary too! Really looking forward to it but quite nervous too! I'm joint GiC at a Brownie Unit, and also turn up to various Guide units on a casual basis. I've worked in a school this year as support staff so have got used to the having no time to myself and some serious juggling of activities and the lack of sleep; hopefully this is good preparation!


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I'm in my fourth year of a BEd primary course and I don't think I would have got this far if it wasn't for Guiding. As long as your units know what you're up to they'll be fine and realistically forget about regular commitments during placements. I'm AG at a Guide Unit and have also become GiC of another Guide unit. Unfortunately between the three of us there two have regular and long placements all over the place so it is hard but we manage to make it work with the support of district. If this wasn't enough I started a SSAGO club and am on the committee of another society. ORGANISATION IS THE KEY TO IT ALL!!

and just remember that you're there to do your degree first and Guiding unfortunately has to come second all too often