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Anyone else from BGIFC in Europe here?


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Are their any leaders or YLs from other BGIFC units in Europe here?

In September I'll be taking over the 1st Munich Guides. I was thinking it would be great if our Guides could make contact with / be pen-pals with other BGIFC Guides in Europe.
Maybe long-term we could even meet up for a weekend somewhere.

Anyone interested?


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Hi Juliee, where in Europe do you fancy? We do have a BGIFC directory and so can find you a contact wherever you fancy to see if they want to penpal your girls. It might be nicer though if you tried a local national Guiding unit, then the girls can see what the differences are in the programme. Fortunately many countries around Europe learn English as a second language and often the girls are keen to practise. Just try the 'contact us' on a national Guiding association page.


I have contacts with some units in Benelux and France (I'm formerly from 1st Brussels and so is jennthefunkyranger here too!)