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Information: Anyone help service in guiding element 4?


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Hi I need some ideas for service in guiding element 4.

I have seen a few things on other threads about things like innovate but I have no idea how to apply for anything like that.

Can anyone help?

thank you :)


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Whereabouts are you based? Innovate hasn't been running the last couple of years, which has stumped a few people! But depending on where you are, your region may put on things like minivate or similar which could count. Or keep an eye on the website for any national task and finish groups...but don't rely on them, there's not as many as there used to be, it seems! Best bet is to contact your region to see what they're running. As the senior section is 100 next year, there may well be more things coming up soon!


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You need to speak to your County Queens Guide advisors. With the Centenary of the Senior Section coming up next year there may be opportunities to get involved with some of the Region events.