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anyone made the energy boost bars yet?


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Rainbows have chosen this (of course...)

Just wondering what anyone has substituted for nuts, and what seeds people have used?- basically how did you vary the ingredients and how did it end up...

Could they put spoonfuls in cake cases, firm it down and then bake do you think to save the 'cool for 1 hr then cut into bars' which can't happen in a 1 hr meeting?

TIA :)


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we made some at home As a trail run and used nuts and seeds from tesco.
the green seeds made it taste nasty.
we were then going to make some at brownies but as were unable to use the kitchen due to a delay in the floor being layed.
i made some at home insead and used more oats no nuts or seeds only one brownie disliked them and she does not like a lot.


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we made ours out of oats, honey, fruit, melted chocolate (to help it stick together) but we didn't put nuts in as a few have allergies.


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We made it mainly sticking to the recipe I think..
We bought from Lakeland card individual cake tin things so they could make their own bar just as we didn't have time to allow for cooling before home time and they worked well but they take longer to cook


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We made them at the meeting pretty much as in the recipe after raiding Julian Graves!We have no -one with allergies at present. I had to cook them at home because of time and found they needed less time, certainly in a fan oven, than it said. We then used them the following week when we had a 'walk to a place of interest' for 101 years of the outdoors badge. It was interesting that the girls who said they didn't like seeds etc came back for more.


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We made it on our recent Pack Hol. We left the nuts out and got a pot of mixed seeds and a bag of mixed fruit from the supermarket. I then put it in a large tin to cook, it took about 45 mins to cook and then cut it up in squares to eat, most of the girls liked it.


We did them and bumped up the fruit and seeds to the right quantities. Some of the batches were a bit crumbly, but then the Guides tend not to be too picky about accurate measuring of ingredients, so it wasn't necessarily the recipe's fault!

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i did this for both rainbows and brownies .
we stuck to the recipe , we where lucky at the time as no allergies now i have a diabetic which makes things a little difficult .
we have no kitchen so wher unable to cook them.
the girls made them (we melted the marg etc on a portable hob ) and put them into thoose metal takeaway trays with card lids .
on the lids we stuck a big red sign saying contains nuts , just incase . and they also took home the recipe and cooking instructions .

i also made a batch at home so they could try them the rainbows nibbled . the brownies couldn't get enough !!! even when they new there where pumpikin seeds and dried apricots in them !!! one girl ate 8 pieces !!! i realised on the way home they where energy bars !!!! ops i guess she would have been whizzing around while mum tried to get her to bed ! :)
defo well worth doing