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Anyone running First Aid courses?

Hi all,

I and some others in my county (Bedfordshire) are looking at taking part in Walking Scheme weekends later in the year, both as part of our QG and for leisure, not to mention gaining Level 2 in the scheme. One of the requirements is a first aid qualification involving 16+ hours of training. These are hard to come by! My employer is happy to send me on a basic first aid course but this only lasts 1 day, and booking oneself onto the longer courses individually is expensive.

I was wondering if any units or counties were planning on doing some longer first-aid training who might welcome one or two extras along if they pay their share?


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You'll be needing one of these: they are not cheap but do get cheaper if more of you are on the course. Speak to your walking assessor and see who else needs this and then maybe you can all do it together?