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Anyone thinking about buying tickets for the olympics !!!?????


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Seriously?? We'd like to get along to something, but there's no way we're able to sort that out and book it right now! And just because Brownie no. 2 is into a particular sport right now doesn't mean she still will be by the summer next year, so we don't want to have had to commit 16 months in advance! :eek:
Yes you have to apply by 26th April, money taken in May and you'll hear what for in June. As you say far too early.


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You may be able to buy some off the resell website there is supposedly going to be next year.

The total of mine came to £400, which I don't think is too bad. I put down one thing (can't remember what it was now) to see on my birthday, but it was £20 for only 45 minutes!!! Got rid of that one pretty sharpish!


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We want to go. My fiance's a hockey player and my Mum, Dad and Me play badminton. Would love to see archery too!


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Just put our application in..........
Anyone else think the ticket prices are a bit ouchy?? (admitedly we don't have to travel as far as some, so that's not so bad)


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would so apply if i knew what i'd be doing next summer....but seeming as i have no idea as i'll have just graduated then i can't reallty warrant the money now! yes i could sell them but it'd just be a complete waste of my energy etc


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I've applied for the diving because of Tom Daly, rowing, all 3 days of the 3 day eventing, and also the opening ceremony, asked for the cheapest for all of them.


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I have applied for tickets to the womens football in Cardiff for my Brownies as we could get there on the train from Somerset - not willing to take them to London even thought the road races are free! I have ordered 30, paid a pound per girls age in July 2012 for the Brownies I have now, and made up with adult tickets. If we are lucky enough to be drawn I have worked on the assumption that should the girls I have now not want to go, then I will take the new Brownies that join us over the year. Our total only came to £320, which I thought was very reasonable for a once in a lifetime event!


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I've been to the Olympics in Atlanta in America in 1996 it was such a fab experience, I would have liked to have gone to the Olympics in this country but I doubt we will be going this time.