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Are any geocachers coming to the G2G?


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Hi all
I was wondering whether any geocachers (preferably from the S!) were coming to the G2G?
My friend has a travel bug that wants to get to the south. I'll bring it with me anyway.


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Hi, I'm in Surrey and interested in doing geocaching, went on a leaders training where we did a bit but I couldn't get the app to work on my phone since to have a go :( Anyway, I'd be happy to place it if you could show me how to use my app properly to locate where you want it placed ?


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Thanks guys....I've just found out though that my friend has dropped it in a cache in the city centre, forgetting I'd said I'd bring it next weekend...oops! Hopefully one of us may get a chance to visit the cache to retrieve it before then, but no promises.


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I ahve never done Geocaching, but would be intrested in tagging along if there are any near by and it fits in with the program :D


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I can't help KB since I'm no further south, but I'm more than happy to go caching - not had time for ages, and I've got a few TBs that need moving on
Yup, happy for a caching-related stroll if we can find a suitable gap between planned activities :D

Ok scary if it requires being taught :D
We kidnapped Becca and introduced her to geocaching at the last G2G without scaring her too much, you will be fine :D


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Ive asked for a GPS for Christmas. So, looking forward to starting with local ones in New Year. Its great fun, we did it with brownies how stayed over for a few night at a Guide camp.


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I'll see if I can print off a couple of maps, along with a list of hints! It would be good to get out, and if necessary we could take torches, just in case we're not quite back when it's getting dark....


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Had a look earlier and there are a fair few around, lots are premium only though.

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