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So, who are we nominating for what award?

I didn't see it (though I heard it!), so from what I've wrtten here, I nominate Scotch for best attempts at getting in bed

And Dolly (as she was leading it!) for most 'innovative' uses for vegetables...


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I nominate

Ben for making a brilliant campfire

Gadget for her campfire videos

Susi for making the best tattie scones I've ever had

Dolly for teaching us loads of funny songs

Madmonkey and Maddermonkey for the shop

Dippy for giving us a giggle when her "brain fell out"!

Can't think of any more at the mo but will probably add to this later! :)
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Falkland1 for making me laugh with her school inspector stories - and teaching me "wooly minded liberals!!" (which was so much at the front of my mind on MOnday I'm surprised it didn't appear in the minutes!)

But to everyone who was there for being the butch of Tuechters ever!!

The McG2g's!!