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Back dating?

When I first considered doing my QG, I swear I read somewhere that you can back-date your start date by 3 months.

I now can't find any reference to this, can anyone confirm/deny?


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Short answer: no. Nothing can be backdated.

What you probably read was to do with the Duke of Edinburgh award, where one section may be backdated up to 3 months.
Oh, possibly. :/

Basically, my Ranger leader emailed the QG co-ordinator to ask how I register, as she's never had a QG before. She recieved no reply, so wasn't sure, and told me to just start, and we'd count that as my start date. I've done soom googling and managed to find the forms online now, and I''m concerned that what I've done for the past few months won't count now! (And I still don't know where to send them, as we don't seem to have a QG co-ordinator in my region anymore). This is quite a big issue, as I'm already 24!


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No, your official start date for QGA is the date of your first meeting with your mentor. It goes in the front of your record book.

Your QGA coordinator is responsible for updating your Go record to show you are working on the award. You say you found the SQG form by googling - I assume hosted on a county or region website rather than the Girlguiding website? As it's my understanding that the form has been superseded by the process of registering people doing QGA on Go; lots of people weren't completing the forms and they were for CHQ to track numbers of people doing the award and send newsletters - but this can be done via Go. The form doesn't / didn't determine your start date though. That has always been the date of your first meeting with your mentor (at least since QGA became a senior section award rather than guide section).

There is no way an entire region doesn't have a QG coordinator; it's too critical a role. Where are you?
Oh, ok.

I live in Plymouth, we've had no reply from the QG co-ordinator, then saw the role advertised in the newsletter, so presumed that the role is currently vacant.