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Badge design competition


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Only 3 months to G2G11 so time to start thinking about badges.

The theme for the weekend is "Turn back time". A chance to remember and return to your childhood. Relive those childhood crazes, remember those cartoons you couldn't wait to get home for, the dodgy clothes you wore and the teenage crushes.

We need 2 badges designed an event badge and a challenge badge.

The event badge must include 'G2G11', 'Wales' and the dates.

The challenge badge must include 'G2G11' and 'turn back time challenge'

Entries should be emailled to g2g11wales@hotmail.co.uk by 2nd Feb.


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Not involved in this but as there's a public vote for the winner, and the designs are anonymous, does it matter who enters?

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Yes, I meant that it didn't matter if organisers entered. People like me who aren't going don't enter!

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For G2G10 we decided the organisers could enter if they wanted, being particpants!
As said, it's completely anonymous so no one knew who submitted which design when it came to the vote.

Though I didn't sumbit one having won G2G9's comp (er but I did do the Challenge badge so...)