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Badge Tabs - FAQ & post your piccies!


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The question of badge tabs comes up a lot! so thought I'd start a stickied thread for advice etc.
And a place to stick up photos! I know we all like admiring each others badges!


Who wears which badge tab?
Senior Section members wear the ice/aqua/grey striped tab. Their Promise badge is Aqua (though you may see some Young Leaders wearing a white one, officially now discontinued).
Adult Leaders wear a GG Blue tab with a different coloured stripe to denote their section. Their Promise badge is Navy.
Unit Helpers (both male & female) wear a Raspberry tab. They can wear the members badge or Navy Promise badge (if female).

Many senior section members are also adult leaders. they should ideally wear the correct tab for the uniform they're wearing.

I'm a new leader - when can I start wearing one?
As soon as you like. As a leader in training (as it were) you are entitled to wear adult leader uniform. This includes the badge tab.
Many units buy tabs out of unit funds for their leaders, but others ask you to buy it yourself. if in doubt ask!

I work with two different sections - which one do I choose?
Up to you.
Some people own both with a different selection, or duplicate badges on them.
Some will only own one tab but may choose which one depending on their role in the unit (eg if they are GiC at Brownies, but Assistant at Guides they'll pick the Brownie tab).
Some go for the creative pinning option (two tabs pinned together), though really we should only wear one at a time!

What side do I wear it on?
The right.

What badges can wear on my tab?
The current edition of the Manual contains no words of wisdom on the subject, so pretty much anything goes!
However for a bit of guidance, the previous 4th Edition Manual stated the Promise Badge plus four others of your choice.
Examples they gave include: County Badge, World Badge, Awards (eg Queens Guide, Duke of Edingburgh), Qualifications (eg First Aid, Camp License), Long Service Awards, Commissioner badges, Members badge, Specials (eg metal Centenary badge, Changing the World metal badge etc.)

I haven't made my Promise yet - what badge should I wear until then?
Usually the Promise badge of the previous section you were in.
eg. your Guide Promise badge or Senior Section promise badge.

My badge tab keeps bouncing around, pulling down on my top and/or makes holes in it - help!

A lot of the uniform now has reinforced areas for the tab to go.
However if yours doesn't then some options are:
Pin it through your bra strap (just be careful to unpin before you take it off!).
Use a badge at the bottom of your tab to pin it through your top (so it's secured top and bottom).
Add on your own reinforcement, eg. iron on web on the rear side of your top in the right place.

Can you show me some examples of tabs?

See photos posted below!


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Let's kick off with these two then!
Here's my SS on (left) and my Rainbow Guiders' one (right) which I'm about to put on 'cause it's Rainbows time!
It's a bit over-full...the centenary one takes up a lot of space! Have heard before about a limit to the number of badges (4?) but not sure if this is official - It would be difficult to decide which ones!



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Here's my SS Badge Tab :D

I have my YL Promise badge from 9 years ago - as I have not made another promise yet :)

Then my YL Service Bar :)

1st Aid Qual

Boating (sailing) Qual

Canoeing Qual

Baden Powell Award (earnt in 2000 just as the new syllabus came in - also completed the old sylaabus - but can't find badge :( )

Commonwealth Award (older version)

Dofe Silver



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can i be reallly annoying and ask a question?
i thought they were worn on the left not the right coz the renforced bit on my hoody im fairly certain is on the left :S


When they were first introduced, there was a rule limiting the number of badges to be worn on tabs, and restricting the type to official badges - e.g. promise, world badge, qualifications, long service, anniversary plus certain recognised others such as dofe - for some time there has been no limit.


oh does that mean I've to have two different tabs???? I've almost finished with my Rainbow module and I'm actually a Guide Guider


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Yorkie I dont think you have to - i believe it is personal choice.

I almost wonder if it would be better for GGUK to have one single leaders tab with maybe different colored stars or something to indicate which sections we guide in.


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Yorkie I dont think you have to - i believe it is personal choice.

I almost wonder if it would be better for GGUK to have one single leaders tab with maybe different colored stars or something to indicate which sections we guide in.
Only cause you want more badges ! :p lol

Though it would be easier for a lot of us :)


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This is my tab at present - I'm hoping to complete my Camp License soon so who knows where that one will fit on but hey, i'll worry about that when I get it, eh?

Badges (from top to bottom):

Queens Guide Award
World Badge (old style)
Baden-Powell Trefoil Award
Rowing & Powercruising Scheme Badge (for Narrowboating in my case!)
Commonwealth Award
Promise Badge
5yr Service Badge


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Hilzo - what's the knots badge?

The other guider - how did you get the canoeing qualification????

I have to find my tab as I've got some from Canada on my tab - the friendship award and the Unit Guider Gold Award!!!
Hilzo your a bit brave wearing your Queens guide brooch on your badge tab ru not? They cost like £50 a pop you not got the enamel one to wear as a day to day and keep your brooch for special occasions?
And yes the knot one is the boating qualification :)


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Brave? nah. in fairness everyone coped before they brought the everyday version in 2 years ago.
I actually rarely wear the everyday one. I wore it travelling abroad and on campsites etc because I didn't want to risk anything.

But otherwise I prefer my silver one far, far more (tbh I'm not that keen on the everyday version if I'm honest though I'm glad I have one), and its unlikely to come to much harm while wearing it at meetings. Otherwise I'd probably hardly wear it, which is more of a waste of fifty quid, rather than £1.25!


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how did you get the canoeing qualification????
They don't do a canoeing qualification (or Canoeist Charge Permit or whatever they used to call it) anymore :(

Though I do want to try to get my hands on one since I am a kayaking coach and I did the course as part of my QG...


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Here's my two.

Rainbow one just has promise badge, world badge, centenary badge and my name badge that I got off badgefreaks.

Guide one has promise badge, holiday license, pax lodge, europe region and centenary

I also have a Brownie one, but as I'm not with them at the minute it only has my Brownie version of the name badge on my Rainbow tab.