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Badge Trading


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Well I looked back to threads a year ago, hence my question.

Do I take it there is no established membership then?
How many successful swaps were there last year through your group?


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
But to assist me with a decision as to whether to join or not, it would be helpful if you could answer my questions.

A year ago, you came on this site and advertised you were launching this badge swapping club.

This year you seem to have little recall of having done so, according to your post number 3.

Badge swapping can be an expensive business.

How many people actually signed up last year and roughly how many successful swaps took place?

Do you have any members who can recommend the site, having had successful swaps as a result?

I would really like to be persuaded to join up - so please, "sell" it to me.

Forgive me for all the questions, but there seems to have been a big gap when we did not hear from you, so I just want to be reassured that joining up would be a positive experience.


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That group was not a success. I only had a few people join. Along with that no trading happened. I probably should been more instrumental in getting the ball rolling. But, with School, work, and my Gold Award project I had less time than I thought for others things. As a resolute I put this project of mine to the wayside.

This time around I have less going on. I have more time work on it. As long as enough people join, it should work out:nature-007:.

So far, a group of 15 Australian Guides have signed up. This was for the International Patch Exchange group.
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Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
OK, fair enough.

Just been re-reading the instructions on your front page and it is not like any of the other badge swap clubs I belong to:

"2. I will email you your ID(s). Once you get this, you will receive a mailing address to send your patch to; this may take some time. When you do mail out a patch, make sure to include your ID and name. "

Usually, you agree a swap, exchange addresses and both post to each other at the same time.

"3. When a package arrives, make sure to register it ASAP by email to me. All you need to do is email the sender's ID and name, and your ID, along with the name of the group (US or International). Now the sender can receive a patch."

Your method seems to be very complicated - I would prefer to see a group structure, where members agree with each other to swap and both do post at the same time. Any reason why it cannot be changed?

I think the way you have it structured will put a lot of people off.


Darth Vader (12,500+ posts)
I think it is getting there. :)

Would suggest that you have a minimum age for any girls joining as an individual.


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My only criticsm is the amount of spelling & grammatical errors there are, which makes some of the page hard to understand.


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I agree - if you are looking to attract non-native English speakers, it is even more important that spelling and grammar are correct. Native speakers can usually figure out what it is supposed to say; a non-native speaker who maybe doesn't have a great grasp of the language won't be able to, and won't be able to look a word up if it is incorrectly spelled, or if a homophone is used, ie you have used 'shore' instead of 'sure', then looking this up would give an entirely different, and confusing translation