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Question? Badges

Hello, I wonder if there are any other guiders out there that can help me out pls, at our unit we are currently doing our Hobbies Badge, we have asked the the girls to do there diary and bring in and show us bits of there hobby and do a talk about it telling the others how long they have been doing there hobby what got them interested etc out of 14 girls only 4 of them have done it correct am I write in saying those that have not done it correct do not recieve there badge...... Only I have this parent saying I am wrong in doing so he's daughter is one that did not do what we had asked of the badge in Q :confused:


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can those who haven't done it quite right do something else so they can get their badge in a couple of weeks time?


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i.e. I would only give a badge to those who have earnt it, but if there is something they can do to get it I'd give them a second chance.

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yes we have re explained to them what to do... on this occasion the parent is saying that he did not want her bringing in her items incase they got damaged or broken we have explained to him that great care will be taken that nothing will get damaged or broken he is the only one that has complained (this is not the first time either there has been other times)


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The way I work is that if they done their best if they dont bring a diary in then they dont get the badge - we had a similar issue with healthy heart - we had one girl actually complete the badge!


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i would personally agree with the dad about not wanting to bring the collection in. i collected beanie babies when i was younger and i got one of mine stolen when i took them to show the collection at a local museum. i think u shuld let the girl bring pictures of the collection. but i agree that they dont get a badge if they havent done the work. we had a problem with the swimming badge when we did it as a unit coz the 4 new girls were the only ones that hadnt completed it, and i didnt wna upset them by not giving them their badge! so i spoke 2 the newbies on their own and explained and they were fine.


If their hobby is a collection I'd suggest that either she takes photos of the collection, or a parent helps her to bring them in, and takes them away once the assessment is finished, or you arrange for one of the leaders to call round and see the collection at her house. Interest badges should only be given to those who earn them, but there isn't a closing date to do them by, they can do them any time . . .


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is it just the showing part that she hasnt done. surely there is someway round this but i dont think you can give the badge without seeing the collection or at least evidene that it exists.

we had a mum come in and say can c get her badge she has been doing loads at home and i signed her book. (in this case we had been doing the same badge at brownies and her daughter had done it but is rubbish at listening)
in normal circumstances we would say no she needs to bring stuff in.


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You need to see her items but if her Dad doesn't want her bringing them to you, can you go and see them?

I definitely wouldn't give interest badges to girls who have not met all the requirements - it isn't fair on those who have met them! However, underpinning most of the interest badges is the principle that each girl should *do her best* - and each girl's best is different. It is the effort put in that matters, rather than the end result.

As Fenris said, there isn't a deadline for interest badges so encourage those girls who haven't yet completed the badge to keep working at it and reward them when they have done everything.