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Becoming a 4 Co-ordinator


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Hello - I was just wondering what the age/experience requirements are for becoming a 4 co-ordinator? Do you need to be a senior section member or can you do it after 26? Also do you need a certain amount of experience to become a co-ordinator?


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I do believe 4 co-ordinator is a role you can have both pre and post 26. Other than that I don't really know... but sure others do.


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Yes the role can be held by leaders under or over 26. I became one to stay involved in peer education after turning too old. You dont need peer ed experience but it helps! I was trained under the old system so have never done Free Being Me but di run sessions on the old topic packs. If you have lots of peer eds in the county then it might be a bigish role but seeing as I only have 1 to look after then its not too much work. Some of the role of matching educators with sessions is now redundant because units book sessions directly with chq online (which I dont really agree with).